Apple iPhone 5s is the newest in the league of high-end Apple phones. It is loaded with features that were never heard of before and in a way an improvement on several accounts from its predecessor. And, if we must agree that with the state-of-art technology used in making it has made it the most desirable iPhones to have, we should also concede that it needs smarter apps to justify its full potential. It is believed to be Apples answer to Android and therefore, a full collection of applications are designed to make it desirable from all aspects.  If you take blogging seriously, here we list five most exciting blogging apps for Apple iPhone 5s.

With faster processor and wider screen it is an improvement over the last versions of iPhones. Bigger screen is likely to offer better user experience. Higher resolution of the screen suits racing an action games. Side by side, blogging is also a pleasurable experience with iPhone 5s. its large screen makes writing, browsing, navigating and reading easy.

iPhone 5SBlogger

Blogger is one of the most used blogging platforms and users now can download the complete version of blogger interface on their iPhone.

One can check posts, write new ones, and even view all published and saved entries just like the desktop version. With blogger blogging app one can perform the following actions on their iPhone 5s.

  • Compose a post, save it or choose to publish it immediately
  • Can navigate between posts, read and edit those even while on the go
  • Get a listed view of all published and saved files
  • Upload, customize and embed images
  • Switch between accounts
  • Add labels to  posts to make them easily searched by users
  • Add location to posts


The popular blogging interface is now available on Apple iPhone UK store that allows you to manage your Word press blog from your iPhone using the application. You can do almost everything that you could do with their web version. It will allow you to post, edit and view blogs; view statistics, add images and videos to your posts, and more.  This app has been optimized for iPhone 5s. One can check for notifications, view and post comments on their posts and manage admin rights on their Word press blog for iPhone.


Aside from blogging platforms there are several other applications available on iTunes Store to support bloggers; one of those is Byline. It supplies with news, posts and updates through Google Reader account if you are looking for interesting topics for your next post. Through it one can also subscribe for RSS and Atom Feeds. The ad free version is available at a bargain rate if one is looking for exciting Apple iPhone 5s deals.

Photo bucket

As the newest online and SEO trends focus on visual content, Photo bucket offers an easy to manage interface to upload, store, and share photos and videos. Upload photos directly from iPhone camera to your blog using the application or share them across your network on Facebook, Twitter or emails. It comes with features like photo editing tools; photo library; easy access to image urls videos and media files; makes searching of trending images easy and also facilitates geo-tagging of images.

Ever note

The popular note taking and managing application can also be used as a blogging application to manage your blog more effectively. Ever note makes multitasking easy by allowing users to take notes, arrange files, and manage to-do lists, from one platform while on the go.

Ever note can be installed as a desktop application, which can be synched with your iPhone so that all the files and documents can be accessed without difficulties.  If you have blogs drafted on your computer you can access and post them easily using the Ever note app on your smartphone or tablet. It makes file management easy and faster and with the premium version one can PIN lock account or give access to others to edit notebook.

The blogging apps will help busy professionals to keep their blogs updated while on the go. Regular bloggers can update, edit and modify their blogs from their handheld device. These apps are normally designed to offer complete blogging solution with all their desktop app features. There is no need to switch between screens.

Apple iPhone 5s is designed to technical supremacies over its predecessors. It is given a competitive edge from its contemporaries as well. Focus on improved user experience gives exciting iPhone deals that make multitasking easier with the device.