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12 Tips to Decorating Your Home with Figurines

Are you an avid figurine collector? If so, you have probably found yourself looking for the perfect opportunity to display your beautiful collections.  While figurines can make the perfect addition to home décor, they can also leave your home feeling too cluttered.  Listed below are 12 tips to decorating your home with figurines.  Use the tips to help avoid the clutter!

  • Display your figurines throughout your home, not just in one space.  Many collectors make the mistake of trying to display their figurines in one area.  Usually, this space is the living area or space where visitors are often welcome.  Avoid displaying your figurines in one room of your home.  Place them throughout your home for a complete look that is not cluttered.
  • Consider changing out figurines with the season or holiday. Instead of displaying all your figurines at one time, consider changing them when the season changes.  Holiday figurines provide the perfect opportunity to decorate your home with charm and style. 
  • A curio cabinet can be the perfect place to display your figurines.  Instead of placing figurines in random places throughout your home, invest a in a curio cabinet to protect them.  A beautiful curio cabinet will help draw the eye to your figurines.
  • Avoid putting figurines where small children can get them.  Coffee tables and low shelving are often popular places to put figurines.  However, this is not a wise choice if your home is full of young children at times. Avoid placing figurines in reach of small children.  If you must display the on table tops, then choose to display your less valuable collections.
  • Consider grouping together figurines that are from the same time period.Instead of just randomly placing your figurines throughout your home, choose to group them together accord to style or time period. This will help you avoid the “cluttered” look that is all too common when decorating with figurines.
  • Too many figurines will give your home a cluttered look.Even when grouping your figurines, keep in mind that too many of them will give your home a cluttered look. Find a creative way to display them without having them overtake any space in your home.
  • Consider the size of your room when choosing how many figurines to decorate your home with. The size of your room should impact how many figurines that you choose to decorate with at a time.  Smaller rooms need fewer decorations.
  • Make sure the figurines match other décor in the space.  Mismatching décor can make a room feel busy.  When decorating with figurines, be sure that the ones that you choose to include in the space are similar to your existing décor. Otherwise, your space may feel and look overwhelming.   This is an important factor in displaying your figurines.
  • Display figurines in unexpected places. Choose to display figurines in unexpected areas such as hallways and bathrooms. Get creative with your collections! Small shelves placed in these areas are the perfect solution when displaying figurines. A guest bedroom is also a great play to display figurines.
  • Store your figurines in a safe place when not in use. Don’t feel obligated to display all of your figurines at one time.  Store the others in a safe area that is easily accessible during times when you want to change them out.
  • Hang shelves for added space to display your collections. If you do want to display your figurines in a certain room, hanging shelves will give you the added space that you need to ensure that they are safe and that they aren’t just randomly displayed in the room.  Invest in shelves that match your existing décor and that will allow you to creatively display your figurines.
  • Be sure that your collections are insured before putting them on display. Valuable collections should always be insured if you are going to display them.  Whether they get stolen or broken, be sure that your precious collections are protected.

Use the 12 tips listed above to help decorate your home with figurines. Figurines can make your home stand out among the rest if you know how to properly display them. Will you allow these tips to help you in decorating?