11 Ways to Get Powerful Backlinks using SaaS Tools

get backlinks using saas tools

Explore effective link-building tactics for securing backlinks from renowned platforms such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc., and Entrepreneur. Discover how to replicate these strategies with dedicated effort. Prepare to dive into the realm of premium backlinking!

1. Link Roundups

Tools: BuzzSumo, Ahrefs

Envision blog articles meticulously crafted with the singular aim of linking to valuable content—known as link roundups. To identify such roundups in your field, employ BuzzSumo to explore trending content.

Subsequently, leverage Ahrefs to dissect backlinks, unveiling the sites that connect to these trending resources.

2. Broken Link Building

Tools: Check My Links, Ahrefs, SEMrush

Broken links on websites are universally disliked. You can identify these with the Check My Links Chrome extension, streamlining the detection process.

Utilize Ahrefs or SEMrush to pinpoint potential websites, then present your content as an ideal substitute for these broken links.

3. Build Links from Podcasts

Tools: Podchaser, Podbean

Leverage Podchaser to recognize popular podcasts within your niche. Seize the opportunity to be a guest, showcase your expertise, and gain valuable backlinks in exchange.

4. Create Branded Strategies & Methods

Tools: Exploding Topics, Brand24

Once you’ve coined your distinctive branded approach, employ Google Trends and Brand24 to track its references and links throughout the online landscape.

5. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

Tools: HARO

Sign up on HARO to connect with journalists looking for expert quotes. It’s a goldmine for gaining authoritative backlinks.

6. Pre-Outreach

Tools:, RocketReach

Prior to releasing your content, proactively engage industry influencers. Utilize tools like and Rocket Reach to locate email addresses of potential outreach prospects.

7. EDU Resource Page Link Building

Tool: Linkclump

Resource pages from universities offer a wealth of authoritative backlink opportunities. Employ Linkclump to swiftly access numerous .edu resource pages and uncover potential avenues.

8. The Moving Site Method

Tools: Wayback Machine, Ahrefs

By utilizing the Wayback Machine, you can spot websites that have been rebranded or relocated.

With Ahrefs, pinpoint entities that continue to link to these obsolete resources, and propose your updated content as a viable alternative.

9. Guestographics

Tools: Canva, Venngage

Create captivating infographics using platforms like Canva or Venngage. Share these visuals with industry-relevant websites, and earn backlinks as they showcase your creative work.

10. Content-Based Strategy

Tools: Grammarly,

Produce exceptional, error-free content optimized through tools like Grammarly and Remarkable content inherently garners backlinks.

11. The Reverse Guest Post Method

Tools: Google Images

 Perform a straightforward reverse image search on Google using an author’s headshot to reveal their guest posting locations.

Trust this insight to aid you in securing top-tier backlinks from authoritative websites.