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2 Ways to Cultivate Brand Loyalty for Your Business

Brand Loyalty for Your Business

In business, one of the most important goals is to ensure that you can take steps to grow a loyal customer base that will be prepared to make repeat purchases from your firm. This can be incredibly important to help your company secure healthy sales revenues and improved levels of profitability. Put simply, it is far better to have a customer base that buys frequently from you rather than relying on generating new sales leads and being unable to secure repeat orders.

One of the key ways to achieve this is by building brand loyalty. This is the term given when customers choose your product range over those offered by your nearest competitors. Cultivating high levels of brand loyalty can be a complex process, as it often involves improving all parts of your business from a consumer perspective. However, regardless of your company’s industry, certain key rules and strategies remain constant. In this article, two ways to cultivate brand loyalty will be described.

Delivery considerations

In an age where over 20% of purchases take place online, e-commerce has become a dominant force in the wider economy. Consumers are increasingly prepared to shop online and wait for their goods to be delivered to their homes. However, as more people regularly shop online and use international firms, they often must wait a week or more for goods to be delivered, especially if they are transported over distances by sea freight.

Your company can differentiate itself from international suppliers and build brand loyalty by offering faster delivery timescales. Ensure that your firm partners with experienced couriers or shipping companies such as Shiply, who have built their reputations for delivering on time and can offer competitive prices for a range of goods. Search online for shipping firms and retrieve several quotes for your product range by specifying the dimensions and weight of the products.

Make a shortlist of competitively priced firms that can offer your business a range of delivery timescales. You will then be able to offer your customers a range of delivery options, including express delivery. In short, giving your customers price-based delivery options and using a reputable shipping firm that delivers the goods in perfect condition will be key to cultivating brand loyalty and repeat orders.

Offer exceptional customer care

Another important way to cultivate brand loyalty is by offering the highest standards of customer care across every touchpoint of your business. Modern consumers expect that any questions or queries that they have about your product range will be answered swiftly and comprehensively. A company that cannot deliver this form of customer service will often lose repeat orders.

You can automate some parts of the customer care process by using chatbots. This form of AI can direct customers to specific web pages that answer frequently asked questions and common queries. However, you will need to rely on a human workforce to resolve more complex issues and deal with complaints. Inevitably, there will be circumstances where customer service drops below acceptable levels due to unforeseen errors or external factors.

Customers who do not have their complaints resolved satisfactorily are unlikely to make repeat purchases, so all complaints must be handled professionally, courteously, and effectively concluded. Consider offering store credit or other financial incentives to customers who have their complaints upheld. This will demonstrate the value you place on their custom as well as increase the likelihood of brand loyalty remaining intact and subsequent orders being placed.