5 Facts Fans Still Don’t Know About Star Wars

No one can be called a real Star Wars fan if he doesn’t know everything about this saga. We bet you consider yourself a real Star Wars guru who can easily answer all questions concerning its plot, characters, and even the smallest details of every hero’s costume. Certainly, you know Yoda’s every epic quote, and you may even follow Jedi’s philosophy and religion, but… Let us reveal some more secrets of this epic space saga that you’ve not probably known before.

1. George Lucas and a car accident

Yes, it sounds awful, but Star Wars appeared because of a car accident. When George Lucas was in a high school he dreamt of becoming a racing car driver and didn’t even think of movies, producing, acting and so one. So, he had an old “Fiat” then and, to make a long story short, after its accident Mr. Lugas got the idea about some “Force” – a religion of brave space knights who can use it to struggle with Evil and beat it.

2. The First Manace

It’s hard to believe this fact today, but no Hollywood studios wanted to help Lugas produce Star Wars as they didn’t consider this idea worth their attention. The 20th Century Fox became the only one studio that agreed to do that. But it was only after George Lucas decided not to take money for his work.

3. Visual Effects

I bet you don’t know the number of Star Wars visual effects that increased from one episode to others. Thus, 545 visual effects can be found in the 4th Episode (I mean the very first movie of course) ; the 5th (the 2d) Episode had 763 effects, and the 6th one – 942. As for The Phantom Menace, there were 1900 scenes with visual effects out of 2200 scenes in general! Speaking about Attack of the Clones, the full episode was one big visual effect: only 250 scenes were made without any computer graphics at all.

4. Digital Camera

Attack of the Clones is the first movie in the cinematograph history that was shot by a digital camera. That’s why this Episode is much cheaper that all other ones. It costed 110 million dollars in comparison with The Phantom Manace that costed 115 million.

5. Skywalker

SkywalkerAnd I don’t mean Luke here. Skywalker is the name of George Lucas’ ranch in the North California. He has bought it in the middle 80s and used it like his personal studio. Such well-known producers as Spielberg, Zemeckis and Cameron shot their movies at Skywalker too.