From Musicals to Mysteries-Visiting London’s Theatres

Today’s television and movie audiences are sophisticated enough to know that actors working in front of a camera film one scene at a time. The scene stops, furniture is rearranged or another set brought in, and they go on to film another scene. While the end product is still excellent entertainment, it doesn’t have the immediacy that one gets from seeing a live theatre performance. Micky Flanagan is one of British comedy’s biggest stars and you can buy Micky Flanagan concert tickets with confidence from bigticketshop.

That’s why people love going to the theatre. In can be especially enjoyable if you are going to see one of your favourite TV or movie actors live on stage, to see that actor’s technique in person. It is even more enjoyable to see actors who are part of a repertory company. One day they can be playing a double-dyed villain, the next day a sympathetic and brave hero.

Like most large theatres, London has its own theatre scene. London theatres are found in the West End (or Theatreland, as it is also known.) All of the classic theatres are there, most of them in existence since long before World War II.

for all stand up comedy showsThe Adelphi Theatre for example, has been in existence since 1806. Three different buildings housing theatres have existed on the same site. The fourth building, the current Aldelphi Theatre, was built in 1930.

Theatre Plays

Lion king London theatres offer a variety of genres of entertainment. The Adelphi Theatre specializes in musicals. St. Martin’s Theatre specializes in The Mousetrap (a mystery by Agatha Christie, it is the longest running play in the world, having run non-stop since 25 November 1952.) Les Miserables is still running at the Queen’s Theatre, and the Phantom of the Opera is going strong at Her Majesty’s Theatre. The horror play The Woman in Black is still being performed at the Fortune Theatre after 23 years. So book your Micky Flanagan Tickets for all stand up comedy shows in prominent London theatres.

The Adelphi Theatre has been the host to many successful musicals. Chicago, for example, made its London debut there and ran for a little over eight years. Subsequently, productions of Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Love Never Dies have had successful runs there. Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, will run from March to September 2012, and then The Bodyguard which will feature music by Whitney Houston will make its debut.

London musicals and concerts

The enthralling musicals and live magical shows of the plays like the We Will Rock You, Matilda The Musical , Thriller, Lion King, The Phantom of the Opera , Billy Elliot and etc at the numerous West End theatres cannot be missed. Tickets can be purchased various theatre’s box office or through online.

There are over forty London theatres; so, there is something to suit the taste of every possible theatergoer, from dramas to comedies, musicals to mysteries, and everything in between. A vacation to London is not complete without the experience of at least one West End show.