5 Unique New Year Traditions around the World

Around the world people have unique ways to welcome and celebrate the New Year. Some traditions are same all over the world but some are very unique. They vary from country to country. Some of them are just to create fun, some are meant to have good luck in the coming year and some are related to pray to get rid of ill fate in the past year. New Year is the time to make resolutions and giving strength to one self. I am going to tell you some very unique New Year traditions around the world.

Nationwide water fight, Thailand:

Initially the tradition of washing the hands of elders and statues of Buddha was present in Thailand. It is meant for cleaning the spirits at the New Year. This tradition was known as snogkran. Now a day the modern songkran is the nationwide water fight. People come up with buckets and water balloons to throw water on their friends, family and even strangers for three days. This is done all over the country with every one participating in it.

Eating twelve grapes, Spain:

Eating twelve grapes, SpainThroughout the Spain people gather in the major squares in their locale to eat 12 grapes quickly. They eat each grape in one second while counting the last 12 seconds of the ending year. The 12 grapes are meant for good luck and good fortune fir the 12 months of the New Year.

Round circle dress wearing, Philippines:

The circles have some sacred place in the hearts of many people around the world owing to many reasons. In Philippines the round circles holds a significant place. People wear polka dot dress on New Year night all over the country. They also gather the round fruits in the evening. They love the circles and believed that they will bring prosperity and kindness in their homes throughout the year.

Breaking dishes, Denmark:

The Danish throw and break the dishes in front of their neighbors and friends house to wish a good luck for the New Year. The pile of broken dishes will show how many loyal friends one has. The biggest the pile the greater the friends one has. One of my friend in demark has taken photos of pile of broken dishes. She then converted the images to large photo prints and presented them to all of her friends.

Burning the “Mr. Old year”, Columbia:

In Columbia people burn the “Mr. Old year” to get rid of the bad and troublesome memories of the old year. The “Mr. Old year” is a stuffed doll fabricated with old clothes. They put some firework on it also. They then burn it at midnight to show that they are burning the old memories. Then they start their new year with a smile in their faces. This is how they welcome the New Year.