10 Incredible New Technologies That Have Changed the World

Gone are the days when people preferred human methods over technological methods. When I was a kid, the cell phone was the big time invention, and now there are floating ideas of making humanoids.

It amazes me how fast everything changes within minutes. Do you feel the same?

Well, here are some more technological advancements that will leave you spellbound and awestruck.

  1. Automated Vehicles

Imagine just sitting in the driver seat and the car driving on its own? Sounds amazing?

This advancement is what technology is leading towards now. There are some ongoing project prototypes for self-driving vehicles. As these cars are programmed with artificial intelligence, they will take care of the safety rules for a safe ride. The best part about these vehicles would be no human intervention, which may eventually reduce the number of accidents.

Although it may take some time to experience this breakthrough technology, it will be a chartbuster once it is launched.

  1. The 360° Cameras

360 degree camerasPictures? Selfies? Videos? Everyone loves them.

These 360° cameras are designed with a vision to bring advancement in photography. The take about these cameras is that they are easy to use and install with an existing device. Their wide resolution and excellent battery life make them popular among frequent travellers. The cameras capture every angle in a single shot and allow the observer to look around freely.

According to an article in The Wirecutter, Nikon, 360Fly, The Ricoh, and Samsung are the most affordable and user-friendly 360° cameras in the market.

  1. Face Recognition System

Remembering passwords and then typing them to get an access to your account? That makes everything slow for a minute. Right? As we are moving fast towards incorporating technological changes in our day-to-day life, this part remains untouched.

How about a system that detects your face and boom everything is at your fingertips? Surprised? Don’t be. China is using this technology for tracking criminals, authorising payments and providing access controls in residential areas. FBI also uses this system for criminal tracking when conducting background checks.

  1. Augmented Reality

augmented realityWe have been using GPS navigation system to find directions and track distance to destination. Augmented Reality adds on to the GPS experience by accumulating virtual components such as digital images, graphics and sensations as a new layer of interface with the real world. This latest technology is developed into apps and can be used on smartphones to merge digital components with the real world.

  1. Air Purifiers

While I was reading for air pollution and its adverse effects, the best cities in the world ranked on top of the list for being the most polluted place. The night after Diwali in 2016, the some cities in India were covered with smog. It was hard to breathe; people covered their faces to avoid inhaling the poisonous air.

The air pollution brought air purifiers into evolution, but the difficulty with existing air pollution control systems is that they diminish but do not eliminate pollution.

A 23 feet high structure is developed by scientists at the Delft University of Technology to remove ultra-fine particles from the air using a patented ion-technology. Also, it removes MRSA bacteria from dust particles.

A lot is expected from this innovation for a healthy environment. Let’s see whether it comes through or not.

  1. Agricultural Drones

Agricultural Drones are designed to monitor various actions and events. Manually monitoring the field is a tough job and working in adverse weather conditions makes it harder. These drones are programmed with autopilot mode that facilitates takeoffs and landings. Not only this, these drones can be used to take pictures of the field for later analysis as well.

Their usage would help in increasing crop yields and would prove to be a relief to farmers.

  1. Eye Tribe

Another latest technology in the field of software and application is the Eye Tribe. It is programmed for determining on-screen gaze position. It offers eye control for consumer devices like smart phones, tablets, and computers that enables easy and enhanced user experiences. As compared to the traditional methods of using games and applications, this technology is much easier to use.

  1. SmartThings – An App for Your Daily Errands

Locking the door, turning off the lights, and other such things take much of your time, and you find yourself again late for office. Well, don’t worry. These things can be taken care of with one single tap.

SmartThings helps you connect your real world to the virtual world, i.e., the Internet. It is an advancement in software which makes controlling and managing these tedious yet necessary chores like turning off the lights, locking all the doors, etc., fun.

  1. Tricorder

Taking the conceptual idea from Star Trek, Qualcomm is waiting for a grant to develop a Tricorder that can diagnose patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, temperature, and breathing. It is said to be a major project, and its success would bring significant benefits to the medical industry.

It will change the way people view their health. They will be aware of their medical conditions and can take quick measures about it if there is anything to be worried.

  1. Sesame Phone

This touch-free smartphone is specially designed for people with disabilities, however, it can be used by anyone. Its front-facing camera tracks little head movements and makes it easy to use, without even touching the device.

Isn’t it a great help for disabled people?

The world is booming with creative inventions to make our life simpler. These ten incredible technologies are just a start, and there are numerous more to come.

Today, from a farmer to a highly qualified doctor, everyone is going tech-savvy as the information technology engineering has made the work easier and less time-consuming.

Let’s just keep our eyes glued to the dynamic breakthroughs and expect the inconceivable.

The post is by Ms Sahiba Sadana, a professional Content Editor and an avid literature reader. She is the Content Editor at Sharda University and a regular contributor to Business Town, and Munfarid Consulting.