The UKs Top Night Life Spots

UK cities, especially London, boast some of the coolest night life spots in the world. London has many different entertainment spots ranging from theatres, clubs, bars, warehouses and casinos. The clubs play many genres of music and everyone is likely to find something that suits their needs. Some of the UK top night life spots include:

Wyndham’s Theatre

This is one of the oldest theatres located in the famous West End Street in London. The theatre has not changed its name like other avenues in London. It holds high profile shows and performances on a daily basis. The theatre has been refurbished on several occasions to keep it updated and in line with the modern times. A visit to the theatre is very entertaining as it hosts several plays, comedies, musicals and film adaptations. One of the famous musicals held in the theatre is The Boy Friend, by Sandy Wilson that has been running for a long time. The theatre’s website carries a list of shows and performances that will take place every day. Some of the famous people who have performed in the theatre include Richard Griffiths, Sienna Miller, Kenneth Branagh, Jeremy Irons, Reg E Cathey, Jude Law, Reece Shearsmith and Ken Stott among others.


The Soho area in London has diverse night life spots that attract a lot of people. The area has several colourful pubs and bars, which makes it a preferable destination for a night out. The bars and pubs are closely located, making it easier for revellers to bar hop during the night. There is the Marks Bar, where you can enjoy a quiet drink with friends. The Barrio Central serves the most famous exotic cocktails in the world while Milk & Honey has a cool ambiance that most tourists love. Other bars include Amuse Bouche and Experimental Cocktail Hub.
The Soho area is also littered with several night clubs which attracts a multitude of revellers. One of the most famous clubs is Smackbang, which has a bustling nightlife. The Punk Nightclub is loved by most celebrities in London while Café de Paris provides the Moulin-Rouge French flavour style of partying. Other clubs in Soho include Madame Jo Jos, Moonlighting, The Roxy and St Moritz.

The Golden Nugget

People who enjoy gambling and gaming can spend the night in this casino. The casino is located on Shaftesbury Avenue in London and offers blackjack, Punto Banco, American Roulette and casino stud poker. The casino keeps up with the latest technology development as it is equipped with the touch- sensitive slot machines and roulette. You can enjoy drinks in the club whilst engaging in different games.