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Publish Goal-Driven Instagram Content for Better Social Media Presence

When you consider your business goals and design a marketing strategy that will make the best use of social media platforms, especially Instagram, you must ask you one question: what is it that you are investing in Instagram for in the first place?

You must know how much benefit it will be for your business so that you can tally it with your efforts and costs so that your investment proves to be high-yielding. Well, this is not a trick question and it is not to discourage you to invest on Instagram either. It is just because social media will directly influence your entire content strategy.

Choosing the perfect and achievable goal

With so much diversity social media has and with so many things that you can post on these platforms, having any type of goal is a pretty fair game. Therefore, when you determine your goal, focus on these things:

  • Are you looking at increasing your volume of social selling?
  • Are you simply trying to build a better and stronger brand awareness that is so much needed in this modern world?
  • Do you have all those things ready that you may need to post to achieve your specific goal?

If all the answers are affirmative, then it is awesome. Just makes sure that everything that you post is done correctly, posted at the right time and all of it speaks to your predetermined goals. This will help you to get free Instagram likes and more followers on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Think beyond selfies and snapshots

Instagram is essentially a photo and video sharing platform but ideally, it is much more than just pure selfies and snapshots. Since this is the real go-to platform for researching products and has a huge fan following of nearly a billion, you must look beyond random photos to post.

You will need to make sure that your content and post are goal-driven. In order to that you must ensure that it has:

  • Eye-popping imagery
  • Showoff the right product in the right way
  • Adds a human ouch to the photos
  • Tells a better and clearly understandable story
  • It has a specific call to action and
  • A definitive and clickable the link that will take the followers to the landing page of the official website right from the platform directly.

The result of all this is that you will have a large number of happy and satisfied customers.


Posting on Instagram haphazardly is certainly not a viable strategy when it comes to business marketing and reaching its goals.

Therefore, take some time to craft a proper narrative for your brand as that will help you immensely to captivate your followers. Narratives are in fact far more useful than telling a story. Take help from expert Instagram marketers and influencers for that matter if you are unsure.

The secret of success in integrating Instagram with business, marketing is to clearly define what your brand exactly wants to do. This will, in turn, will help you to speak the language of your followers.

Author’s Bio: Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.