Top 5 accessories for the iPhone 5

Today we’ll be looking at five brilliant and essential accessories for your iPhone 5. I’m sure you already know well enough about the beautiful design, high sales numbers and capabilities of your own phone so let’s get right into the picks, shall we?

5. iPhone 5 Aluminium Desk and Media Stand

This aluminium desk stand is a fitting, contemporary looking podium for the iPhone 5, allowing you to easily use your iPhone in either portrait or landscape modes to fit the type of media you’re consuming – landscape mode for videos and games, portrait mode for the web and books. The desk stand is light and easily pocketable, ensuring you can always keep it with you if you need it.

4. SGP iPhone 5 Glas.t Premium Tempered Screen Protector

Unlike most iPhone 5 screen protectors, the Glas.t is made from proper, actual tempered glass for incredible scratch protection and resistance. The different construction material also means that there’s no worrying about bubbles between the screen and the protector, it just fits on perfectly the first time. If you’re worried about shattering or scratching your iPhone 5’s screen, then this is the accessory for you.

3. OmniHolder Case-Compatible iPhone 5 Car Holder

The OmniHolder is an iPhone 5 car holder, allowing you to easily use the iPhone 5’s GPS capabilities while you’re travelling by car. The car holder is adjustable so you can ensure the perfect angle, and it’s case compatible too – this means that you don’t have to take most cases off the iPhone 5 before placing it in the dock, saving you time and hassle.

2. Energizer XP8000 iPhone 5 External Charger

The Energizer XP8000 is a convincing solution to the¬†iPhone 5 battery¬†problem, letting you to charge your iPhone 5 more than five times over. That means you’ll have six times the battery life as long as you keep the XP8000 on hand before you have to charge both devices. This is the ultimate emergency item, keeping your iPhone 5 in peak condition no matter how far from a power point you stray.

1. Belkin F8W130 Flex Case Double Pack

This case double pack is great value, offering the same case in two colours to match your mood or just to share with a friend. The cases are made of tough silicone to prevent damage from scratches and knocks, but it is quite slim and therefore doesn’t add to the bulk of the phone. The case includes a lip around the screen that prevents damage if the phone is dropped on its front, but doesn’t impede scrolling or other behaviors. A right bargain, and a fitting end to our top 5 list!


So there you have it – five accessories, just as I promised. This could be the start of a trusting relationship, right? Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments below.