All You Need To Know About Health Insurance Claims

It is important to go through different health insurance plans before you finalise on one. This might seem intimidating but it is important to research and understand the terminologies before making the final decision. There are a number of plans available in the market and it is important for you to know about their claim process.

What to claim 

With a health insurance plan, you can cover the cost of hospitalisation and the cost of pre and post- hospitalisation expenses. You need to remember that the pre-existing conditions will not be covered if the treatment has been availed in the waiting period.

Hospitalisation covers the expenses incurred for doctor’s fees, room rent, nursing expenses, operation theatre, ICU charges, medicines and diagnosis. Pre- hospitalisation expenses include the cost of check-up, cost of medicine and consultation with the doctors up to one month or two months prior to hospitalisation.

Post-hospitalisation expenses include the cost of medicine, consultation with the doctor, recovery or rehab costs, the check-ups and the investigations. If you incur any of the hospitalisation costs or incur any expenses before and after hospitalisation, you can file a health insurance claim for the same.

When to claim 

Different insurance companies have different procedures for filing of the claim. However, you should know when to make a claim for health insurance. It is advisable to file a reimbursement claim as soon as you get a discharge from the hospital.

If you have been admitted in a network hospital, you will get a cashless claim. In any other case, you will have to register the claim at the earliest and provide the necessary documentation for it. 

The process of claim 

We, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, offer a convenient and smooth claim process. It is possible for you to make a cashless claim through the network of partner hospitals or you could claim a reimbursement for the medical expenses that you have incurred on your own.

In order to make a cashless claim, you will have to ensure that you are admitted to the network hospital in the vicinity, and then file a cashless request form. Once verified by the administration team, the claim will be approved and you will get the treatment without any payment.

Alternatively, you can claim a reimbursement for the expenses you incurred by registering the claim online or offline. You will have to submit the form and provide all documents including medical bills, discharge papers and hospital bills. Once the claim is approved, the money will be paid in your account.


When you buy health insurance, you will have to pay an annual premium for the same. Various factors have an impact on the on the amount of premium you pay for the plan. You can use the calculator available online to estimate the premium amount. You will have to provide details about your gender, age, sum assured and the type of cover you want. Based on the information you provide, the premium will be estimated for you.


There are numerous benefits of a health insurance policy. Due to the increasing cost of health care in the country, it has become difficult to avail of quality health care services without burning a hole in the pocket. With a health insurance policy, you can ensure that you get the best treatment and services across the country without having to worry about the expenses. The policy will provide for pre-hospitalisation, hospitalisation and post hospitalisation expenses. It is very crucial to renew health insurance on time if you want to avail of the benefits of the policy.

Health insurance is a very important investment you make for yourself and your family. You need to consider your current age, health and requirements before choosing a plan for yourself.