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Lemonade Cleanse Diet for a Fitter Body

Human bodies are designed to work on a basic mechanism of eating food for a living and flushing out the toxins. Lack of good diet and nutritious food can limit the outage of waste matter from the body. As a result the plaque builds up on the walls of the intestines harnessing your health. We humans today are addicted to junk food be it in the form of fried food or saturated trans fats they take a longer time to digest and are harmful to health. The body does not know how to process this waste and hence the term cleansing or detoxification of the body is necessary. A detox diet energizes your body and promotes healthy living and weight loss.  With a fitter body you are assured to have increased stamina levels hence give your body a fresh start and a much deserved cleanse.

The lemonade cleanse diet the name that it is popularly known as will increase your chances to flush the toxins from your body. Lack of proper digestion makes the body lethargic in nature and also slows down the stamina of the human body. For general health and well being of the body this method is essential. It enables the passage of waste matter through the intestines and helps them flush out of the body. One has to remember that like any diet to work one need to have determination and will power. This is a lifestyle change and if followed for 3-10 days one can see visible results. The cleanse requires a regime in which one has to reduce the intake of red meat, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, artificial sweeteners and any trans fats consumption. One has to be willing to give what it takes and opt for drinking water or Iced tea instead when they have an urge or hunger pangs.

The process is very simple i.e. you drink a minimum of 6 servings of the lemonade each day. Drinking it on an empty stomach is preferable it is going to be daunting for you to make that commitment. One of the main reasons why many may not consider this diet is the painstaking job of making lemonade each time. The lemonade comprises of juicing the lemons, water and cayenne pepper. The better alternative both in terms of saving you time and energy is the lemonade cleanse to go packets. They are easy and in the form of single serving stickpacks. Each serving is made by mixing the contents of 1 stick pack with 10 ounces of filtered water. It has no preservatives added so that you get full nutrition’s and all the health benefits in an easy to carry sachet pack.

The most important thing is that to retain the overall energy level and be in healthy shape and have a fit body you should give cleanse a shot. It will help lose your weight and allow you to reach your ideal weight effectively. There is nothing that will make you happy than being in good shape.