The Top 5 Scariest Roads on Earth

There are a lot of crazy drivers out there. Many of them like to practice their insanity on some of the most dangerous roads in the world. This makes for some of the most insane driving conditions imaginable. If you want to try your luck on some of these dangerous roads, then pack a travel urinal and a barf bag and get ready. Here is a list of the five scariest roads on the planet.

The Death Road

Traveling on this appropriately named road is one of the most frightening experiences a person can have in this lifetime. This road in Bolivia runs over 45 miles that contain sheer mountain drops and little room for drivers to maneuver. At one point this road killed an average of 300 people a year, but a safer road has opened that has lessened the traffic on the Death Road.

Ruta 5

This road in Chile runs from Arica to Iquique. Along the way it goes up and down mountains that have sheer drops into valleys that are littered with the fallen vehicles that were unable to survive the trip. The oncoming traffic rushes past you so fast that you will say your prayers whether or not you are particularly religious.

Russian Federal Highway, Moscow to Yakutsk

This Siberian terror becomes very scary when the long winter sets in. Ice and snow make the conditions very dangerous, and the constant winds make visibility nearly nonexistent. When the thaw finally arrives, the fun is not over. The road is not paved and becomes so muddy that cars can get stuck for days.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway

China has some of the deadliest highways on the planet, and this one is quite possibly the scariest of them all. It runs for over 1,000 miles through mountain passes that experience frequent avalanches. It also crosses numerous rivers along the way that are notorious for flooding. When combined with the reckless nature of most Chinese drivers, a trip along this road is an exercise in terror.


This English road proves that scary roads are not limited to the Third World. The road is full of twists and turns that motorcyclists love to speed on. Unfortunately, it is notorious for slow-moving farm vehicles and farm animals as well. This combination makes this the deadliest road in England. More than 100 lives have been lost on the A682 over the last ten years, and hundreds more have been injured in horrible crashes.