5 Essential Considerations for a Successful Party

Be it a toga party or a six-course dinner party, every truly memorable fete succeeds in part because the following considerations are observed:

1. The More, the Merrier

The most important step in throwing a successful party is to invite great guests: The more diverse the crowd, the better. Guests should bring friends or significant others, as going solo to a party can be intimidating. However, a host should know the majority of their guests, and be prepared to step in if someone gets out of hand.

2. Timing is Everything 

Christmas, the Fourth of July and the Super Bowl are all prime times for having a party. Potential guests may have multiple obligations, so a good host will send out invitations well in advance. A better approach is to throw a party for no reason at all except the joy of entertaining friends. Coming up with fun and unusual ideas, such as luau in the dead of winter, goes a long way in increasing attendance and general merriment.

3. Set the Mood

Lighting, background music and decorations create a festive atmosphere, and are essential elements of a successful party. Harsh lighting kills the mood, while overly dim lighting impedes conversation. Music should be unobtrusive and match the atmosphere of a party. Stunning decorations can elevate parties into affairs to remember. Smart hosts can get creative and enlist artistic friends to keep costs down.

4. Host is a Verb 

If inviting guests is the most important step in throwing a successful party, the second most important step is keeping them happy. Hosts should accommodate guests with special dietary needs and provide non-alcoholic drinks. If a guest looks lonely, a good host will notice and take action. Mixing drinks or playing DJ are great ways to get guests involved. When conversation stalls, it’s up to the host to get it going again. Subtle supervision keeps a party on the right track.

5. Let the Good Times Roll 

A host shouldn’t stress so much over canapés that they neglect their guests. Calling in caterers in columbus or even hiring a professional party planner are good options if preparations get too daunting. The bottom lime is that if the host isn’t happy, guests will sense it and the party will suffer. Letting go and embracing the unexpected will give hosts and guests something to talk about and remember for years to come.