Highest Life Insurance Payouts Ever Claimed Throughout History

People who are interested in obtaining insurance from a key man life insurance agent may find it interesting to learn that countless insurance claims for exorbitant amounts of money have been paid out by insurance companies. In fact, new insurance claims totaling large sums of money are constantly filed by individuals and business owners on a regular basis. The following six life insurance claims are the largest historical payouts to date. Each of these claims is listed in order, from the highest payout in history to the sixth highest known insurance claim.

Destruction of the World Trade Center
The horrific events of 9/11 still cause many Americans to shudder. The total amount of damage due to the attack is difficult to ascertain. The payout for numerous claims is yet unfinished, and it may take many decades before these claims are finally settled.

Tsunami and Earthquake Claimed Immense Damages in Japan
The Tsunami and earthquake that recently occurred in Japan are natural disaster claims on a grand scale. Thousands upon thousands of people lost their homes in these disasters. The magnitude of damages was immense. Insurance claims are still in the works, and insurance agents are going to have plenty of work to do before the final calculations are paid out.

Firestorms in the Land Down Under
Australia experienced disastrous fire storms and other disasters two years in a row, in both 2008 and 2009. Numerous homes, businesses and properties were demolished or severely damaged by these natural disasters. The innumerable claims will eventually be paid out, but this is liable to take many years.

An $810,000 Car Crash in the United Kingdom
In 2007, an insured driver tested a vehicle on a road that was not a public highway. During this test, the driver crashed the vehicle. Although the driver did not receive the original $810,000 value of the car, he did receive a large sum totaling approximately $300,000. Insurance claims filed by most drivers cannot hold their hats to this one single claim.

The Value of a Painting
Original artwork by famous historical artists always have high insurance premiums because the artistic merits of these paintings and etchings exceeds any monetary value. The artist Joseph Mallord William Turner would have most likely turned over in his grave had he known that one of his paintings would eventually be insured by its owner for $38 million.

A Cat that was Truly Loved
The thought of paying a large sum of money for medical treatments is one reason why many people pay for health insurance premiums. In this case, the owners of an ordinary cat made sure their beloved pet had health insurance coverage. When the cat eventually needed a serious kidney operation, the owners ended up receiving $22,000.