Fashion Tips for the Confused – Refresh Your Wardrobe!

Have you ever had that day where you stand in front of your wardrobe fashion and think you have absolutely nothing to wear? When you are frustrated and fed up and even an overstuffed cupboard full of clothes leaves you with nada? We have all had those days when we want to just throw out most of the contents of our closets and wish we had a super hefty bank balance to start all over again.

Refreshing your wardrobe and building your style can take a bit of money, but you do not need a complete overhaul in order to gain some new perspective about your clothes and feel happier with your choices every morning. Confused and feeling clueless about fashion? Here are a few tips to get you started and re-energize the existing contents of your closet –

1 : Clean & Organize – The first and often painful step is to actually throw those closet doors wide open and see exactly what you have. Set aside a day to remove all the contents of your wardrobe and go through them thoroughly. Put things that are too tight or too loose or just don’t fit well, things that look very very worn out and stuff you just can’t see yourself wearing and steel yourself to get rid of it. Culling the undesirables can be hard to do if you are someone who doesn’t like letting go of things; but think of all the extra space you are making for the new things you can love! Clearing out and organizing your wardrobe will also alert you to any missing elements you might need and things that would tie many pieces together like a pair of formal pants in a neutral and versatile color or a casual denim skirt for instance. Your final lot of clothes you end up with will also give you an idea of exactly how much of each kind of clothing you have for example jeans, casual tops, formal tops, day dresses etc. Categorizing and keeping a tally will also come in handy.

2: Mix & Match – After doing the clearing and a bit of organizing start experimenting and putting outfits together. Very often we imagine a top with one a certain kind of bottom and limit our choices; but a little bit of trial and error may leave you with far more outfits than you ever imagined! Play with proportions and styles and try unexpected pairings. You never know what might actually work. A little mix and match is all you need sometimes to look at old clothes with a fresh eye. For example try that fitted button down shirt under a sleeveless sheath dress or that top you love with a skirt with a pair of trousers instead.

3: Bring in the accessories – After you know what kinds of clothes you own and what you can do with them, accessories can be that final finishing touch. And if you have a statement making bag, shoes or jewelry you can even build an outfit around them. Find those eternity rings and necklaces, earrings and belts, shoes and purses, scarves and watches and get cracking. Changing up your accessories and trying them with new pairings can create awesome new looks you haven’t worn before.

4: Catalog – Find new outfits and combinations that you love? Take pictures and make notes with details of the outfits and what went into them. These can be super handy reference points for when you have to dress in a hurry or can’t find anything to wear!

Have fun in your closet and rediscover the joy of clothes. Spend on essentials that you truly need and give the rest a new lease on life. Who knows where this journey will take you?!

Leila Mayer is an organizational expert and a lifestyle blogger. She loves combining her love of fashion and organisation and writes often on the subject. Whether it is eternity rings or a pair of sky high stilettos, accessories are her weakness and she believes they make or break an outfit.