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3 Popular Asanas To Increase Your Height

Height has always been a fascination for all, irrespective of the social or cultural background. Being tall is often considered a factor enhancing your self-confidence. However, not all have the fortune to be of the desired body height. The relation between height increase and the age aspect has been a recurrently posed apprehension. It is of times said that a person’s height would show no increase beyond the age of 18. Nonetheless, yoga is acclaimed to have the power to aid one with height growth regardless of the age.

Yoga, characterized by the composed amalgamation of mind, soul and body, supports height increase by acting on the spine. The in-vertebral discs located in the spine are subjected to the process of decompression. Several asanas in yoga are renowned for successfully endowing individuals with a better height. The most popularly practiced asanas for height growth include Sukhasana, Trikonasana and Talasana.


In yoga, Sukhasana adorns the central position that acts as the origination point of all the other asanas. An easy novice’s pose, Sukhasana aids in proper breath control and impacts in toning the hips and the lower back. Decompression of the cartilages located in the hips and lower back promotes height increase.

– The first step in performing Sukhasana is sitting on the floor with the legs crossed and hands properly resting on the knees. – With great focus on the breathing pattern, keep the spine well-aligned. – Pushing the buttocks against the ground, lower the knees with a slow and smooth pace. – Breathe 5 times. Inhale as the arms are raised upwards and exhale as the arms are brought down. – Repeat the same at least 5 to 7 times.

Sukhasana is a perfect yoga technique for creative professionals owing to its power to enhance productivity. Better flexibility and abdominal functional are added advantages. Sukhasana can be performed at any time of the day, making it all the more convenient.


Trikonasana, also known as the triangle pose, is instrumental in improving the balance of the body. This great tension relieving yoga technique also helps in providing a better posture.

– Stand with both the feet separated by a gap of 3 to 4 feet. Both the feet should be placed parallel to each other. – Now, slowly raise the hands. The hands should be at a straight line with the shoulders while doing this. – Bend towards the right and attempt to touch the toes of the right leg with the right hand. – Slowly raise the left hand and look up towards the left hand. – Continue in this position for another minute and repeat the steps for the right side as well

As per experts. Trikonasana should be performed ideally in the morning.


Yet another, easy to perform asana, Talasana helps in the clearance of all blockage in the spinal nerves by stretching and loosening the spine. The technique adds strength to the legs, spine and arms.

– Begin the asana with a straight upright posture, with both the feet kept together and an erect spine. – Place the hands by your side, with the palms facing the thighs. – Join the hands with the help of the fingers. – With a deep inhalation, lengthen the spine and raise the hands. – Lift the heels and stand on the toes. The body should be stretched as much as possible while doing this – Exhale slowly and return to the original position.

Early morning is preferably the best time for practicing Talasana as well

Yoga, therefore, provides us with a plethora of miraculous benefits. The total physical and mental well-being is an assurance that yoga has to its credit.

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