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Make Your Second Property Livable Year Round

It isn’t unusual to see people own more than one property today. Typically, the second property is a second home, or a vacation home that is being rented to temporary tenants. If you have a second property that is only used part of the year, what can you do to make it livable all 365 days of the year?

Protect The HomeĀ 

While winter may be a relative term in the south, a vacation home in the north is going to get cold when the summer ends, and the fall and winter seasons roll around. You can make your home warmer by adding a fireplace, extra insulation, and energy efficient windows. Check for any drafts and make sure to stock it with supplies like shovels, lanterns, extra gloves and firewood.

Seal The Home From Pests

Pests can be a problem if no one is watching your other property. It is important to keep trash bins away from the home, and always be on the lookout for termite damage. Calling a pest control expert could be a good idea if it is stopping you from living in your second property throughout the year.

Make Proper Use Of All The Rooms In The House

You need to ensure that your kids have a proper bedroom, and that there is an eating space as well. While you can get away with not using extra rooms if it is only you and your spouse using the other property, it won’t be so easy when the entire family comes for a visit.

Install A Security System

Installing a security system in your second property is wise to keep valuable furniture, and supplies safe from thieves, especially when you are away from it for most of the year. If you haven’t been able to make improvements to your home because of security concerns, now is the time to install cameras from vivint in Cleveland OH and other systems that will keep intruders away.

Learn To Control Your Home Remotely

Charlotte home automation companies will be more than happy to teach you how to keep your home safe and comfortable wherever you are. You can use your smartphone to control the temperature in your second home, as well turn the lights on and off no matter where you happen to be. In some cases, you can even control whether or not the dishwasher runs at night.

Owning more than one property can be a great opportunity for your family, but if you are not able to use it throughout the year, you could be throwing money away. You should correct this problem by adding security systems, and taking steps to eliminate any pests that make the house unsuitable to live in.