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Smart Home Devices You Won’t Want to Live Without

Internet-connected devices have become widespread, reaching into nearly every part of our daily lives. The next wave of this technology is now poised to revolutionize our homes and bring advanced functionalities to existing household items. This new category of technology is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The idea is to bring more efficiency, greater user control, and automation to homes everywhere. The goal is to create smart homes that provide their owners with safety, security, and comfort. There are more of these devices hitting the market every day, but here’s a list of the top 5 smart home devices you can get today:

Google Home

google homeInternet giant Google has made a splash in the smart home market with the Google Home. It’s a voice-controlled smart hub that enables the Google virtual assistant to perform useful tasks in the home. You can control and play music tracks from your digital music library, find recipes, keep a calendar, or even stream video to connected televisions. In addition, it’s compatible with a broad range of other smart home devices to provide seamless voice control all over the home. The Google Home ecosystem is growing every day and will make it more and more versatile as time goes on.

Home Alarm Systems

Next-generation home alarm systems contain the best of home automation features. Many companies have built systems to provide a central control center for an outdoor camera, door and window sensors, and motion detection. Some systems can be securely controlled from anywhere via a smartphone app. They allow connection and control of other smart home devices, like thermostats, lighting and motorized window blinds so they can be integrated into the remote control platform and provide additional features.

June Intelligent Oven

From the outside, the June Intelligent Oven looks like a sleekly-designed countertop toaster. Inside, however, it’s a WiFi connected automated cooking powerhouse. The June uses cameras, weight sensors, and artificial intelligence to detect what you’ve put inside to cook. It figures out what the food is, you confirm it, and the cooking commences. The whole process couldn’t be easier, and the results are excellent (and delicious, too).

iRobot Roomba 690

If you’re looking for an automated vacuum cleaner, the iRobot Roomba 690 may be just what you need. Building on years as an innovator of robotic vacuums, Roomba has created a device that takes all of the work out of a very tedious task. It uses dual multi-surface brushes, edge brushes, and a powerful motor to make sure to keep all areas of your floors clean. It has the ability to build a map of your home so that you can use the Smartphone control app to tell it exactly where you want it to go and where to avoid. If you’ve got Google Home or an Amazon Echo, you can even control it with voice commands.

Robomow RS622

So far, we’ve covered devices that will make your indoor life much simpler and more convenient. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions for the outside of your home, too. Much like the Roomba 690, the Robomow RS622 brings automation to the dreaded task of lawn mowing. Once you’ve set it up, this device will take care of mowing up to a half of an acre on its own. It’ll return to its base when it needs to recharge and then pick up right where it left off, leaving your lawn beautifully manicured.