The Evolution of SEO

Companies and small business are now investing on SEO and social media to generate sales. Now companies are mainly focusing on blogs to offer niche services for their customers. Companies have to develop an SEO strategy for their business to get better ROI by comparing with competition. Firms are investing in SEO, Google Adwords and running paid social media campaigns to acquire news customers.

One page and Off page optimization plays key role in popularizing the website. It is know that 43% of small businesses spend six or more hours per week on social media sites. Over 3 quarters of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place use content creation as part of those campaigns. 60% of content sharing messages that are specific to an industry mention a brand or product name.

56% of companies say they have acquired customers’ through company blogs. When it comes to online marketing, most businesses rely on Web analytics to decide what was effective. What they find affects future decisions about where to invest time and money.