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Crazy Embellishments for Christmas tree

Xmas bring happiness, sweet treats, delicious cuisines, gifts, Christmas tree and ornament stuff to furnish your home, office, streets and public places. It’s decent to follow traditional ways to decorate your home and especially Christmas tree, the focal point of charm on Christmas day, but it would be most enthusiastic if you break the barriers of casual routine and give a flavor to the carvings for the big day. Perk up your imagination and carry out craziest thoughts for more engraved and sassy trimmings of Christmas tree.

Tree of roses

Flowers are perfect for every occasion from birthdays to weddings, then why not Christmas? Check out pink paper or fabric roses to adorn your Christmas tree along with silver metal bells and crystal ornaments. No doubt, it will look gorgeous and classy to complement your personal style. Capture these decorations in pictures and display them as Christmas trees canvas art in your elegant living room to make it memorable.

Christmas treeCling cutlery on tree:

You can make every activity of Christmas preparation pleasurable and exciting by incorporating wonderful elements as trimmings to stylize the interior. Use everyday stuff to give a wow effect to the arrangements. Take cutlery sets of silver or golden color and hang pair of spoon and fork on tree stems with help of twist-able wire.

Doll’s tree

Fantasy of a doll’s house can be converted to doll’s tree to revive your childhood memories. Choose vibrant colored dolls of various types like wooden dolls, Barbie’s, Japanese, baby/mini dolls or you can craft your own handmade cute dolls to hang upon your Christmas tree along with tiny doll’s houses and accessories.

Marine tree

If you are passionate diver or zealous about aquatic life then transfer your craze on adoring the Christmas tree and surroundings. Pick any interesting element of marine life made of synthetic material such as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, starfish, whales, dolphins, Penguins, flamingo, seals, parrot fish etc. and enhance it a bit with glitter, sequins or shimmer that gives it a glow to match with Christmas glamor.

Candy tower

On Christmas, everyone gets wild on sweets, chocolates and candies. All kinds of sweets come in sparkling and fascinating wrappers. Why not use them as Christmas tree ornaments? Dangle the candies with shimmery packages on the edges of tree along with glass balls or swirls and stars. That will make your tree a delightful indulgence.