Choosing Men’s Shirts

From a simple garment to cover the torso of the man, shirts have evolved a long way. Today, you can shop for shirts are per occasion. Making the distinction to each shirt design and cut is the style of its collar and sleeves apart from the fabric used in making it.  Before proceeding to buy shirts online, a few basic tips to be kept in mind would be most essential –

  • The size of the shirt – Small, Medium, Large, XLarge,  XXLarge
  • The occasion of the shirt – Formal, Semi Casual, Semi Formal
  • The number of shirts required

If you are unable to zero down on the perfect fitting shirt, visiting an offline store to check out the exact shirt size is the best thing you should do. Also the preference of length of sleeves, type of collar and material become the secondary things to look out for.

Moving on to the type of shirts available –

  • Dress Shirts – Most suitable for formal occasions as dress shirts are made of expensive materials. They have to be worn tucked and with slacks. Dress shirts have a collar, sleeves and cuffs with a button down in the front.
  • Button Down Shirts – Quite similar to dress shirts but with a casual yet classic look and made for wearing on casual occasions. They can be worn tucked or untucked depending upon personal preference and with semi-formal or casual trousers.
  • Polo Shirts – Very much preferred to be worn on casual and semi classy occasions though primarily they were designed for as tennis apparel.  With their growing popularity, you will find their athletic versions as well. Available in polyester and cotton fabric, polo shirts can be conveniently worn for attending semi-formal business meets and events. They can be worn tucked and un-tucked with or without belt depending upon the formality of the event or the meeting.
  • Jerseys – Considered as the most worn type of shirts across the world, jerseys offer a very different wearing experience. Made from knitted material which allows the circulation of air and does not wrinkle or shrink after wash, jerseys prove to be long lasting. They can be worn on most casual occasions and at home, picnics and while at errands too.
  • Sweatshirts – Yet another popular men’s wear that allows the wearer to feel warm when worn during winters. Most sweatshirts are accompanied by hoodies or a cape giving further protection to the head as well.  Considered as casual attire, it can be worn on most casual occasions.
  • T – Shirts – Supposed to have been worn as inner wear but have become most worn men’s apparel across the globe. Available in many fabrics such as lycra, polyester, jersey knit, cotton and many others, you just need to check out which ones suit you the most. In fact, if you are out attending a semi-formal event, you could opt for branded T-shirt and team up with a blazer or a pullover or a jacket and look equally cool too.

Ideal it would be to have a couple of each shirt types in your wardrobe as basic requirements and of course, you could increase their number if you are an extrovert or have a corporate image to maintain. For locating these trendiest of the apparel in this range, it would be ideal if you check them out online.  Online shopping for clothes is very preferable and convenient as it allows you to purchase branded apparel without venturing out in the market and at great discounts too. Interested then Zovi is a reputed online apparel store known to offer affordable men and women’s wear along with a select range of accessories.  So, make it a point to embark on a Zovi online shopping spree for purchasing not only the trendiest of apparel and enjoying great discounts too!!