Diwali Corporate Gifts Ideas that Your Employees Will Appreciate

Most companies, be they in the public sector, in the private sector, or in a joint venture, offer employees a bonus during the festive season. While the bonus is at par with the position of an employee in the office, a job is just a job for most people, unless they get some appreciation for doing that job. And Diwali is just the right time to show that appreciation. But how?

Let’s take a look at some of the best Diwali gift ideas for corporate employees.

  • Diwali Sweets- As every Indian knows, any festival is incomplete without sweets. Traditional Diwali sweets include khoa sweets like Barfis, Motichoor Laddoos, and even the syrupy Gulab Jamun and Rasgullas. Gift a box/can of any of these, or a box of assorted Diwali sweets to your company’s employees. Very affordable, Diwali sweets as a gift for your company’s employees would bring a smile to every employee’s face. Include a special Diwali greeting card bearing the company logo to make your employees feel like a unit, a family that works together.Diwali Sweets Delivery in India
  • Diwali Dry Fruits- While dry fruits tend to be costlier than Diwali sweets, it’s worth spending a certain sum to convey your appreciation and gratitude to your company’s employees. Choose between various types of nuts (almond, cashew, pistachio, or walnut) and raisins or a go for assortment. Again, include a special company Diwali greeting card.Diwali Dry Fruits Delivery in India
  • Diyas and Crackers- One of the best Diwali gift ideas that your company’s employees would definitely appreciate is a safely wrapped package of crackers. Diwali and fireworks are synonymous, and almost every employee would love to celebrate Diwali with fireworks, and that too, without spending from their own pockets. As for lights, bulbs replaced traditional diyas (with oil and a cotton wick), or even candles, long ago. But a set of handmade, decorative divas on behalf of the company can also be appreciated by corporate employees.Decorative Diwali Diya Delivery in India
  • Desktop Items- When it’s festive time, put aside desktop items like pens, printer/copier paper, memos, planners, organizers, and all the rest. Not every company employee uses them anyway, so think different about company-customized desktop items or accessories that can be fabulous Diwali gifts. Multi-purpose keychains (key chain and bottle opener; key chain and swiss knives; or key chain and battery-powered emergency light), a reading lamp, or a foldable desk LED lamp, desktop clocks (analog or digital), and photo frames are really good Diwali gifts, sure to be appreciated by the company’s employees.Diwali Gifts - Handmade Desktop Photo Frames
  • Silver Coins- A slightly costlier Diwali gift for corporate employees would be a silver coin, but it could also be a perfect one since it is considered auspicious to buy things of precious metals like gold and silver during Diwali. Create a marvelous Diwali gift by embossing silver coins with the company logo and give one to each employee. A Diwali gift wishing each employee good luck and prosperity will definitely be appreciated a lot.Diwali Gifts - Silver Coins

In short, we can say that sending Diwali corporate gifts has become a trend and a necessity these days to maintain the good environment, productivity, and morale in the company and hence it helps in company’s success. It also helps to lead long-term business relationship with customers and as well as employees.

The post is by Anamika Dani, a blogger from India and she is writing for Indian gifting portal who help people to find the perfect gift for Diwali by providing a wide range of gifts item. It provides same day gifts delivery for Diwali and other festivals also.