How To Turn Kraft Shopping Bags White

Shopping bags are the ideal eco-friendly approach for customers to carry their merchandise. Additionally, shopping bags allow a business to meet the growing needs of environmental conservation without compromising quality and service. Regular shopping bags are from Kraft paper in brown color. However, you can make your brand stand out by using white shopping bags. Read on to understand the process of making white shopping bags.

Process of making paper bags


The first step is feeding wood chips from harvested trees into digesters. These chips are impregnated with cookery liquors in black or white. Digestion takes time and happens at extreme temperatures from 130 to 180 degrees Celsius. This turns lignin and hemicellulose into tiny pieces for mixing with alkaline liquid to create brown colored thick pulp. This has broken nucleophilic bonds and is collected and cleaned afterward.


The concentration of black liquor with 20 to 30 percent solids takes place. There is a chance of concentration at 80 percent for large residues. Further reactions of sodium salts through a complete method forms green liquor. Big boilers generate steam for Kraft paper production and production of electricity in advanced cases.

Blowing and screening

This involves blowing of wooded chips by air under low atmospheric pressure. The process releases too much energy in steam form to run turbines that produce electricity. This gives off various volatile and evaporating materials for condensation according to region. The produced brown pulp is separated from filth to get clean Kraft pulp. Sieves and centrifugal force are required to finish the separation process. You can order white shopping bag produced from material that has gone through this process.


Kraft paper is washed by various equipment before undergoing various cleaning procedures. The equipment for washing depends on the mode of clearing required. The options include those using atmospheric pressure or vacuum operated.


Bleaching Kraft paper happens to make it brilliant and fair using various chemicals to produce high-quality white paper. The bleaching process involves brightening or whitening of pulped wood to create white and colored paper. Bleaching balances chemicals in the finished paper while removing foreign particles and dirt.

The process removes the remaining lignin during the cooking process. This element makes paper to become brown. Bleaching pulp paper requires use of hydrogen peroxide or choline gas for oxidization. Chemicals including sodium hydrosulfite are for adding hydrogen to the pulp. All these chemicals enhance the extraction of lignin.

White Kraft paper shopping bags

Treated Kraft paper gives various shades of white with better strength compared to regular brown Kraft paper. This makes white shopping bags more durable for carrying heavier loads. White shopping bags allow customization to make your brand stand out. The white color makes it easy to add your brand information or other messages to enhance your marketing effort. Additionally, these bags have a premium quality look for use in high-end stores to attract A-list clients who pay top dollars.

Applications of white Kraft Paper shopping bags

Retail bags

White paper shopping bags are lightweight but strong enough to support heavier items. These bags come in various shades of white and finish including ribbed, grease-resistant, or machine glazed to match your needs. The white shopping bags are useful in fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, and retail packaging for items like sugar and flour. Some of these bags come with PE coating for barrier and moisture protection for appropriate items.

Medical industry

These shopping bags are useful for packaging sterile medical items. The bags are for direct sealing of pouches, reels, and FFS applications. Others come with barrier properties to store medical and wound adhesive products in the medical industry. Bags for this purpose adhere to international safety standards, FDA standards, and appropriate sterilization procedures.

Grades for bleached Kraft paper

Machine glazed

This is highly rigid and durable Kraft paper. It goes through an innovative procedure to produce paper with a unique high glossy side with good density, opacity, runnability, and printability. This kind of white Kraft paper is ideal for applications including:

  • Food packaging
  • shopping bags
  • Hygiene release liners

Machine finished

Kraft paper in this grade is very versatile with high stiffness to match high-speed machines. This paper is ideal for applications requiring the manufacture of protective items, containers, shopping bags, and corrugated boxes. Other applications include aluminum foil lamination and for other industrial purposes.

Smooth finished

The process gives Kraft paper a soft calendar finish ideal for custom high-quality printing. This kind of Kraft paper is for reel wrapping, fill and seal food packaging, and shopping bags. Additionally, this white Kraft paper is applicable to wrapping reams.

Bottom line

White Kraft paper shopping bags are strong and highly durable. This makes them ideal for heavier items that require exceptional tear resistance. Using these bags in your store allows for enjoying economical but attractive packaging to attract more customers. The crisp and clean appearance of white shopping bags allows customization to enhance your marketing effort.