Fashion Resolutions 2016: New Year Starts With New Clothing Ideas For Men

I’m sitting writing this piece, its 11:55pm on my clock, with every passing minute I see flashbacks the best and worst moments of 2015, one of the worst I came across was wearing a bright yellow dress shirt to a job interview not realizing that some places have dress code ethics. Well that was for 2015. Boom…Baam..Baam…Wow its 12:00am, Happy New Year everyone, so this year I plan to make some fashion resolutions for 2016.
Let’s get started with some fashion resolutions people.

  1. This year I’m investing in some good suits and definitely this is a must and can’t be neglected, a well-fitted navy or gray suit is on the top of this list.
  2. I need to so get a few biker jackets those babies are really in for the season. They are simple and perfect for every casual occasion expects you can’t wear them on formal places or weddings.
  3. I won’t own clothes that look as if they are borrowed from someone, yes off-the-rack seems an easy option but they are not good enough, so my resolution for this year includes buying some custom made dress shirts.
  4. Yes accessories are never out of fashion, and so owning a few bow ties and ties seems like a good investment, bow times can be worn on formal occasions whereas ties can be worn casually.Jodhpuri suit
  5. I noticed that this year the trend of wearing button down shirts has lessened, but that doesn’t mean you toss them totally out of your wardrobe. So I’ll add a few long printed t-shirts on this list.
  6. Colors are the most interesting part of my list, since I already had a unique experience with colors, so add some nice colors in your wardrobe like blue green, burgundy and steel gray.
  7. Shoes and men’s hats are really important as they complete your look so I’m thinking of investing in Tan Brogue.
  8. Your look shouldn’t be compromised so it’s important that as much care you take of recreating your wardrobe, invest equal time towards your appearance. I have decided that every month I’m visiting my favorite saloon twice.
  9. My second last resolution is that I will not follow all the fashion trends. Yes sounds strange but remember fashion doesn’t mean that you go with the trend whether it suits you or not. If something doesn’t looks good on you even though it’s it trend then it’s totally okay to skip it.
  10. And finally my last style resolution is that I will try to stick to all these resolutions, if not all then at least a few of them.

Happy New Year Fellas!