6 Latest Trends in Android App Development to Beat the Competition

Which one do you prefer? iOS or Android or Windows?

The brutal competition has encouraged all the three major operating systems to come up with innovative and creative ways to beat each other. Technology, marketing, products and various other factors are what are considered by their target audience before actually making a purchase.

Smartphone apps help individuals to complete tasks easily like setting up an alarm, talking to someone over text or video or managing daily work in a more systematic manner et-cetera. Android has the biggest user base in the world, due to which android application developer and services have evolved rapidly.

mobile app developmentThe following are some of the hottest trends in android application development services in a few years:

  • Secured Mobile Apps

Everyone is worried about the security of their personal & financial information. Mobile apps keep a record of our information, which is why these apps need to be secure. App developers are considering more security measures to keep our information safe from hackers. Android keeps its major focus on the security of the app and if any app does not meet its standard, it is removed from the Google Play Store. Security has gained high importance recently and will continue to grow more.

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps

Shopping via smartphones has become the new trend in the world. People are going out of their ways to create enterprise mobile apps to attract traffic towards the business with this digital platform. Enterprise mobile apps are in huge demand and thousands of apps are releasing on Google Play Store. It is believed to move in the upward direction in a few years. It has not just given the business owners an option to sell on such an impactful platform and measure results as it goes.

  • Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Cloud technology has revolutionized many industries because it allows developers to limit the size of products. It is widely used by mobile app developers to fight memory issues and bandwidth problems. It allows developers to explore new opportunities in development. We all understand that if the app is large in size, the app would be negatively affected and downloaded way lesser than expected, but cloud technology comes to the rescue and makes stuff fit.

  • Rise of Swift Programming

Google Inc., world’s biggest company, has planned to incorporate Android with the swift technology. It will offer many benefits to the app developers. It will be widely used for e-commerce platforms because of the mitigation of offline & online differences. Google runs on Java and Swift does not need to replace it, but rather use it as an open-source for the Android platform.

  • The Best of All: IoT

Internet of things or IoT is considered as the best technology so far. It will take Android apps to new heights because of its integration with other devices like iWatch, Google Glass and various others. This technology opens endless opportunities for app developers to develop creatively, amazing smartphone apps. It is connecting different devices with each other and a well-designed app being its remote control. The app can control your TV, air conditioner, washing machine, security cameras, door bells and many other devices (the ones which have the IoT technology installed in it).

  • Tech Wearable

Wearable technology is the latest and most interesting innovation in the world of mobile app development industry. The leader of this technology right now is the healthcare industry with devices to measure, BMI, pulse, sugar and other diseases et-cetera. It can be used to increase productivity and efficiency in many other fields as well. It has caught the eyes of every mobile app developer because of its popularity and business opportunities that it has to offer. It is not far when we will be wearing some crazy technology to communicate and commute to different people and places, respectively.

The world of technology is evolving and so are the app developers. Android, being the leader in mobile apps, is focusing on new approaches & innovations to beat its competition and provide the world with amazing mobile apps with interesting features.

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