Tips for a Spectacular Family Holiday

Taking a family holiday is a great way to bond, learn about the world, and create amazing memories. Matching a family trip with an educational note means that everyone gets to learn something new and the whole family is having fun. The time away is also a perfect opportunity to repair any relationship rifts that may have occurred. You don’t have to travel to famous destinations. Actually, any destination where you can simply go for a hike, a fun bike ride or canoeing together with your family will lift off the pressure and offer opportunities for learning.

Valuable time spent in nature

Being outdoors and exploring wildlife is both healthy and educational. Children will love the activities in the fresh air if you present it to them as an adventure. Botanical gardens, public parks, and nature reserves can be equally entertaining as costly museums and theme parks. Kioloa Beach on the south of NSW coast is one of such places. You can spend days together, exploring rockpools, spotting kangaroos and playing on a beautiful beach. This place offers many camping sites or cabin accommodation with many opportunities for making new friendships. South Gippsland in the State of Victoria is a home to a nightly penguin parade where hundreds of cute critters come out of the sea and waddle up the sand dunes every evening.

Family-HolidayLook for family-friendly accommodations

The options for family-friendly accommodation are growing all the time. Vacation rentals, spacious lodges and hotels with special kids’ amenities are perfect when you are looking for a comfortable stay. A family-friendly abode should include a kitchen, babysitting services, and adjoining rooms. One of such places is Lady Elliot Island. Offering accommodations like eco cabins and two-bedroom suites, it is a unique natural playground with sea turtles and manta rays basking in the lagoon just off the beach. During school holidays, there is a Junior Reef Ranger program where kids from five to 12 can learn about the reef and conservation.

Immersive learning about culture

Your kids can learn about the local culture through special activities that all of you can enjoy. The beauty of immersive experiences is that you can learn by participating in them first-hand. Cooking classes, traditional arts and crafts, and kid-friendly heritage tours are the examples of such activities. The town of Ballarat, Victoria is one of such places and a perfect family getaway. It was the centre of Victorian goldfields and Sovereign Hill was recreated as the 1850s gold rush town. Both children and adults will enjoy exploring its streets filled with ladies, gentlemen, commoners, drovers, miners and gamblers wearing period costumes.

Interact with local people

Family holidays are often a great way to connect with local people. Try to move away from tourist attractions and seek places where local people gather like town squares, food gardens, and sporting events. People in the countryside are more likely to express affection for children and enjoy interacting with your kids. A small and picturesque fishing village, Port Douglas in Queensland is great for picnics, swimming, volleyball, and snorkelling. Locals are friendly and always look for things to celebrate.

Consider the children’s interest and abilities

Unlike travelling with adults, a family holiday with children means having realistic expectations and making a lot of adjustments. The age and temperament of your children dictate if you are going to travel more slowly or what activities you are going to do. A family bike ride to Sydney’s Centennial Park can turn into a bonding family picnic. And if not all of you are in great shape, Gepida e-bikes are a perfect eco-friendly substitute for classic chain and pedals.

Family trips are a rewarding experience for everyone. The secret of an educational family holiday is in connecting with landscape, culture and people while respecting the children’s interests and needs.