3 Outdoor Date Night Ideas Perfect For The Season

With the warm evenings upon us, what better time to enjoy the outdoors and spend some extra time with your loved one than to have an outdoor date night? Can’t think of what to do? Take a look at our favorite ideas and find one that suites you and your better half best.

Enjoy a Romantic Picnic

Spend a romantic evening stretched out on a picnic blanket under the stars. We’re not talking about a picnic of chips and peanut butter and jelly. Put together a gourmet basket with delicious fresh artisan bread, like the products offered at Klosterman Baking Company. They also have a variety of specialty breads, pita, and organic options if you prefer another flavor. Pair it with hummus or cheeses and some fresh fruit. Don’t forget a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne. Consider bringing candles and your favorite playlist to help set the mood and make it an especially romantic night.

Picnic-with-foodHit Up the Drive-In

The drive-in is a popular place to spend a warm summer evening. You don’t have to watch the movies from your car. Stock a cooler with your favorite snacks and grab some lawn chairs to truly enjoy a night outdoors. Have a truck? Fill the bed with pillows and blankets for your very own bed on wheels. Throw in an air mattress for an especially comfortable night under the stars. Want a more intimate evening away from the crowd? Consider making your own personal drive-in at home. Get an outdoor projector from a place such as Amazon, Best Buy or eBay and set it up on a large screen or sheet in your own backyard.

Start a Bonfire

What better way to enjoy a beautiful evening than over a roaring fire? Consider having a cookout. Cook bratwursts or hot dogs yourself, over the open flame. Prepare some delicious summer side dishes, such as Italian pasta salad or sweet potato fries, ahead of time. A campfire necessity? Roast marshmallows and make s’mores for dessert. Don’t forget to pack a cooler with drinks and condiments. Consider some fun two-person outdoor games such as horseshoes or cornhole for added entertainment.

These are a few of the fun ways to spend a summer evening outdoors and get in some quality one-on-one time with your loved one. Can’t pick a favorite? Why not try out all three?