Five Best Western Cities for Families

The western U.S. has a number of different locations appealing to a variety of people in terms of places to live. However, some towns stand out as better places to live in the West as well as to raise a family. The following five locations stand out among the best:


Located in Washington State, Seattle gained modern fame being the birthplace of new music trends in the 1990s. The city has also built a vibrant community with a number of major tech industry companies based in the area,. With close proximity to the ocean and a low cost of living, Seattle allows families to raise their children with the best of urban and rural benefits.


Situated as one of Arizona’s major locations, Scottsdale has one of the lowest crime rates among major western cities and its schools are rated among the highest in the country in terms of graduation success. Further, the suburbs have a 7.5 mile green parkway linking five different neighborhoods with a variety of recreation activities. The warm seasons and climate also do well for seniors too.


On the California border with Nevada, Truckee is a gateway town on Interstate 80 that leads traffic either to Nevada or Lake Tahoe, depending which road a person takes going through. A modern, California mountain town, Truckee provides families a great escape from urban life with good amenities, schooling and resources. The city is also within two hours proximity to Sacramento or less than an hour from Reno and major urban assets such as hospitals, a career base, and universities.


A small city in Oregon north of Bend, Sisters allows residents access to the great outdoors while enjoying one of the best school districts in the state. Within less than half an hour from Bend and job prospects, Sisters provides an idea bedroom community surrounded by the environment versus development tracts.


Steadily becoming the new, growing capital of the Northern California, Redding has been expanding steadily as families look for hybrid locations that mix city amenities with country or farming communities. Redding sits in a central location on Interstate 5 and provides families a far lower cost of living with good resources for schools, work, property, and escape from compacted urban zones. No surprise, many families are relocating to the northern city for a change of pace and a safer community than their former location.

Finding a good home to raise a family is not easy, but the above locations offer great promise with the right combination of schools, safety and career potential. As you look for a place to raise your family, Legacy Lending Group can help make this dream a reality.