Radar: The Geofencing Location Platform for Mobile Apps

Now companies are investing lot on mobile apps to increase the efficiency of services. Several companies are building apps for businesses, blog, product or service but they are lacking location services in their operations. Radar was founded by Nick Patrick and Coby Berman and it provides tools that help app developers add location tracking and context to their apps. Radar gives the chance to customers integrates with the Radar SDK and they can start setting up geofences, tracking entry and exit events.  Radar gives a better experience for end-users by using all the tracking data.

Radar will play a key role in increasing engagement, revenue, and improving operations. New developments in technology that arise will continue to produce faster speed and higher graphical performance capabilities. Radar lets the developers can add location context and tracking to their apps with just a few lines of code.

Several courier services can benefit a lot from Radar location tracking capabilities and if they are implementing radar in their operations and they can offer real-time location information to waiting end-customers. The personally identifiable information will separate from the actual location data by ensuring privacy for the end-users.

Mobile app development will continue growing and become an increasingly important viable platform for app developers in the future. App development with native tweaks will eventually become mandatory. The importance of apps will be further realised by developers in the future as the expected market shares increase.

Radar technology is combination of three products Geofencing, insights and places. Today people and companies are using smartphones and high-end devices for shopping and for the all the transactions. Several hospitality companies and hotel chains are mainly focusing on location based services to improve the guest experience for the customers. Radar technology is very useful for hotel chains, courier services, app developers and etc.