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Why You Should Skip the Gym and Hit the Water

When most of us think about working out we picture gyms, weights and running. As beneficial as those workouts may be they are not suited for everyone. One total body workout you may have never considered is swimming. Most people avoid swimming because it seems more like a recreational activity. This perception could not be farther from the truth. Check out the following reasons why swimming is the best full-body workout.

Swimming is Safer!

Swimming is probably the safest exercise of all, assuming of course that you know how to swim. Swimming is a low impact exercise. It can save your joints and tendons from the stress that comes with lifting weights or running. Many physicians agree that it is a great aerobic activity for those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis or high cholesterol. It is also a great exercise for those who are recovering from injury.

swimmingSupports Lung Health

Going for a swim on a regular basis can increase your lung capacity. In fact, swimmers often develop larger lung capacities and enhanced cardiorespiratory systems due to the demands of the exercise. Many professional swimmers have better pulmonary function than athletes in other sports. This is because swimming teaches your body to be more efficient at processing oxygen.

A Boost to Your Immune System

Swimming’s positive effect on the circulatory system helps the immune system. The lymphatic system benefits from the increase in movement of white blood cells. This process strengthens a person’s immunity against infection and disease. Scientists have also found that cold water swimming generates even more white blood cells. The cold temperature pushes the body into defense mode and raises the white blood cell count.

Use Water to Build Muscle

Moving your body through water is actually a type of resistance training. Water is denser than the air our bodies encounter in our daily movements. Hence, it takes more effort to move through water and this produces muscle mass. It can also tone and shape existing muscle. This is why you usually see swimmers with chiseled bodies even though they do not lift weights. Once you start building muscle through swimming it is a good idea to find the best protein powder for lean muscles. Sufficient protein and a proper diet is crucial for building muscle with any type of exercise.

Swim Your Way to Cardiovascular Health

As mentioned above, swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. As an aerobic exercise it directly benefits the heart. The consistent pumping of blood helps to keep veins and arteries clear. This provides better circulation for the entire body. Aerobic exercise provides many benefits to the body especially when combined with anaerobic fitness.

It’s Good For Asthma

Many people who have asthma have trouble performing certain types of exercise. Running is usually out of the question for asthmatics. Most suffer from Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction due to the inhalation of dry air. Swimming solves this problem. Pool areas contain smooth, moist air that is perfect for those with respiratory problems. Additionally, the routine of breathing while swimming helps develop a stronger breathing cycle and more resilient lungs.

Summing Up Swimming

It is clear that swimming offers the best of both worlds in terms of cardiovascular health and muscular development. Many swimmers also enjoy the relaxing nature of the activity. It is a great stress reliever and helps to balance your mood in a positive way. Due to the numerous benefits of swimming there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it as your main workout. It can be a pain to get to the pool, but doing so will save your body from a lot of pain in the future!