Food: There is a lot left to Explore

Let’s think about the time we ‘used to’ live in. A time before the internet ever came into the life of the common man. What did we do? We talked, we socialized, we wrote, we indulged ourselves in thinking about creating what never existed, that is why at that time everything revolutionised: TV, Radio, electricity and whatnot. Creators created their vision and immortalised their mortal self. But that is a different thing, I need only talk about food here because the food is something that will always be there. No matter how long a journey you take, you will always feel the magical creation of food by each hand differently. Now, before the internet, we travelled to different places to take our taste buds on an adventure, an adventure which is treasured to be never lost. But after the internet, what changed? People still travel, people still eat from different places but they devour rather than savour those mix of spices and those twist of flavours. 

pizzaEverything now is just minutes and clicks away. Click! Click! Click! Wait for 30 minutes and you got yourself a meal. It is undoubtedly good and I agree with the fact that this has made life easier but there is one thing that I miss, our taste buds will no longer have an adventure to go on. There are two juggernauts of the pizza industry: Pizza Hut and Dominos. Both of these sell exceptionally great pizzas. Some might say that Pizza hut offers a much more satisfying meal than what Dominos offers, that is a subjective thing, after all. They wanted to attract audiences so they gave out discounts in the form of Pizza Hut coupons and Dominos Coupons. Both of these brands have been decades old in the food business and they started this ‘30 minutes delivery or free’ thing. This was a hit. They are so old in this business that it doesn’t matter in which country they venture in they will always be successful.

As far as my knowledge goes, I think that these two brands started the Home Delivery trend but that was only for pizzas. But now, with the help of the internet, we are way past that. Now, there is Swiggy and what Swiggy offers is that it delivers you the food from your favourite restaurant (it doesn’t matter if it does home delivery or not) to your doorstep. Open the door and Voila! Here’s your food. Order varieties, order everything and get Swiggy coupons which can be used to get discounts on numerous meals. But this home delivery thing has ruined the exploring of food. We still do go out and that surely feels great while at parties and all but let’s explore; go to places where there is no delivery (rarely any left) and savour the flavour of that land. Trust me, your taste buds are dying to go on an adventure. So, let’s take them on one and then another. I know it is hard to begin but eventually, it will be hard to stop. What is life until it is truly lived! So why wait? Begin before this desire ends.