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First Aid : 5 Reasons Why Companies Should Train Their Employees

In the pursuit to be productive in the workplace, it is important for employers to always be mindful of safety. Maintaining a safe environment is vital because, simply put, employees who are injured can’t work. No work means loss of productivity. An injured employee can also have a negative impact on the psyche of other employees. For this and other reasons, it is prudent for every business to train their employees in first aid.

It Can Save Lives

First and foremost, employees who are trained in first aid save lives. Accidents happen. That’s a fact. If said accident is serious enough, then the margin between life and death may rest in how timely the injured employee receives medical care. Having employees trained in first aid, on hand, drastically reduces the response time and helps stabilize the injured party until more qualified help arrives.

first aidHelps Identify Workplace Hazards

When employees are trained in first aid, it is often done in relation to their work environment. Each work environment has specific hazards that first aid training should be built around. Going through the training gives workers a better understanding of these hazards and how to respond to them in the case of something unfortunately happening. As their conscious awareness of safety rises, their awareness and perceptions of potential workplace hazards also rise. This has the affect of keeping safety at the forefront of their thoughts as they go through their daily routine. Because they are safety conscious, they are more prone to keeping an eye out for unexpected hazards in the workplace that may otherwise be overlooked.

It Empowers Them To Act Correctly In An Emergency

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. When one has a healthy knowledge and understanding of how things work and what things need to be done, they will complete tasks with confidence and with focus of thought. This bodes well for businesses who have the forethought to train their employees in first aid. When the unexpected happens and they are called upon to act, the properly trained employee will do so without fear or hesitation. For instance, having employees who are ACLS certified greatly improves the chances of survival for someone who may suffer cardiac arrest on the job. Studies have found that outcomes are better when CPR is started in 4 minutes or less. Employees in this situation won’t have cause to be panicked because, not only have they been instructed in the administration of life saving measures, they will be among other employees who have also received the same training.

It Can Reduce The Time Needed After An Illness Or Injury Occurs

When an illness or injury happens on the job, sometimes the severity of the occurrence is dependent on the response time of treatment. For instance, if an employee suffers from a stroke, they have minutes before cells in the brain become damage. The longer that it goes untreated the more damage is done. If those on the workforce are trained to recognize signs of stroke as part of their first aid training, then the damage to the afflicted employee can be reduced due to fast response times. This in turn reduces the amount of time that it will take to recover and return to work.

It Can Increase Employee Morale

The last benefit of training employees in first aid is a collective boost in employee morale. Training in groups where team building exercises are utilized fosters goodwill and better learning. The process of employees learning while interacting creates a better work environment.

Investing in first aid training boosts moral in other ways as well. Workers who feel valued and appreciated typically have a greater appreciation and perspective of their jobs. Companies who invest in their employees have employees who are invested in the company. Taking the step to spend money to properly train workers lets them know that their safety and well being, like profits and productivity, are a priority.