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How Artificial intelligence is Changing SEO

If you are in the marketing or business world, then you need to know about SEO and how AI is changing it. This is crucial to prevent yourself and your business from missing out on incredible opportunities. The following AI trends are changing SEO for the long haul, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down:

Web Dev

At its heart, SEO is about making great content that is relevant to your audience. By doing this, the idea is that Google will rank you higher in the search engines. They do this by searching it and finding key words that are similar to what people are already looking for. However, there is much more to SEO than what you see on the page.

ai seoDevelopment is also a huge part of SEO now thanks to AI and the improvements in computers to be able to run complicated programs and search through data, display it, and report analytics about it. The AI surge has created a robust development community of people who can help you turn your site into a shining example of what great design and programming looks like. Web development can be used to automate many functions that help the user have a better experience, which does improve SEO at the end of the day.


SEO is dictated by algorithms. These algorithms are optimized highly to be able to search through huge amounts of data and determine characteristics about it, sort it, and more. An algorithm is simply a step by step set of instructions that a computer can understand.

Thanks to the rapid progressions in AI, SEO is getting smarter by continually learning from each iteration. What this means for the SEO industry is that it is continually becoming harder to game the system. Long gone are the days where companies are going to be able to put out content that is not relevant to their users and employ tricks to get to the top of the results pages.

On-Site Content Display

With AI, the entire display process of the content on the page can be automated. This allows companies to choose which piece of writing, image, or video will appear to a particular user when they land there. This can be helpful when you have different reasons that someone landed on your page. For instance, if someone came to your page from the keyword “red shoe” it would be different than “blue shoe.” Therefore, you may want to have different content even if the underlying category (shoe) is present. This creates new marketing and targeting opportunities.


A lot of companies that do SEO for their main traffic driver focus on having ads that display to their visitors. They get paid for this without having to charge the user anything. With AI, rapid matching between ads and the right sites will get more popular, making it easier to achieve greater revenue with the ads on your site.


One of the most exciting things that AI allows you to do is test different versions of a landing page or other offers. For instance, it can automatically display a version “a” and “b” with different headlines. After analyzing the results, you can see which version is converting better.

Interactive Buttons

When someone lands on your page due to SEO, you still want to know what they are looking for specifically. You can use AI to create quizzes that pop up automatically and allow the user to tell you more about them.

When it comes to SEO, AI is one of the biggest factors changing it today. It isn’t just on the back end either will all of the code. It changes how the entire SEO ecosystem functions. If you are an entrepreneur or marketer, you need to understand the dynamics above and work to make your mark on the new world of SEO so your company’s revenue can grow.