Mobile Responsive Themes Are On The Rise

People are using mobile Web extensively and companies searching for best ways for developing websites and applications to satisfy the customers. Several companies are using HTML5 and designing their sites with responsive themes as HTML5 is search engine friendly.  Today More people using the net on mobiles and tablets and they are browsing websites and blogs using e-readers and other smart devices. Businesses are focusing on mobile websites and apps to increase sales. The impact of new technologies over the years is that retailers will need to change in the way in which they think.

There are more than 1 billion people using mobiles and other smart devices. Accessing the websites on mobiles are increasing extensively day by day. CMS’s like WordPress, Typepad are offering mobiles themes for websites to attract visitors.

Now companies are marinating two sites for mobiles and laptops or desktop computers.  They are using mobile responsive themes for mobile version of sites and blogs to get more visitation for the websites. Responsive themes are useful for the firms that automatically adjust the site template based on the size of the screen viewing it.  Google has recommended responsive design as their preferred way of showing mobile content.