Travel Insurance: The Essential Checklist

In order to make the most of your travel, you need to buy a good travel insurance that will keep you safe in case of any emergency in a foreign country. Getting the right cover might become overwhelming for you unless you have the knowledge of what a good policy should cover.

Here is your complete checklist of travel insurance you need to tick off before finalising on one. 

What a good travel insurance policy must cover?

  • Destinations 

If you are not going on a one-destination holiday, you will have to check the number of destinations that are covered in the policy. The destinations should include everywhere you are headed, including the stopovers or any other places you might visit as a part of the holiday.

  • Medical 

You need to identify the type of coverage you need and if it is enough keeping your health in mind. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you need to confirm that it does not exclude you from the cover you are keen on buying.

It is also important to get a clear idea of what amount you will have to pay before the cover is in effect.

  • Personal Belongings 

Many policies do provide for a cover for the personal belongings and you need to know how much you are covered for. Determine whether it is enough for your baggage and if not, change the policy.

  • Valuables

Never assume that the valuables you are carrying with you are already covered under the policy. You need to check if the valuables that are excluded from the policy and read the fine print of the document. Gain an understanding of what valuables are protected and under what circumstances you can make a claim.

  • Adventure Activities

Some high-risk adventure activities could get you injured. You need to identify if the policy covers for the activities that you plan to participate in. You also need to know the terms and conditions for the same.

  • Cancellations

There could be a cancellation or curtailment of a trip for some reason. You need to check if cancellation is a part of the insurance plan along with the money that you will receive. The policy will tell you the maximum amount, which you can claim.

  • Limits

There are many insurance policies wherein you will be responsible for the payment of a certain amount before the insurance company begins to pay you. If you purchase a high-level cover, you will be able to keep the excess at a lower amount.

Types of travel insurance

It is important for you to choose the right type of travel insurance keeping your age and health in mind. The different types of insurance plans offered by us, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance are mentioned below.

  • Individual 

If you are travelling to a foreign country alone, an individual travel insurance will keep you safe from the risks. 

  • Family 

A family insurance plan will provide a cover to your entire family and will ensure that you do not have to buy individual policies.

  • Senior Citizen 

Travelling as a senior citizen entails numerous health risks and this insurance cover will keep the policyholder protected from any type of emergency.

  • Student 

The student travel insurance is for those who go to study abroad.

  • Corporate 

The corporate travel insurance is a comprehensive package for the business traveller.

Compare and buy

It is advisable to compare the different insurance plans available for you and then make a buying decision. You need to keep the sum assured and the travel insurance cost in mind. Consider your age and coverage requirement when you make a decision. Choose a plan that offers a comprehensive coverage.

It is essential to buy travel insurance before you leave the country and you can make a wise choice by using the online calculator to estimate the premium amount on your insurance policy.