How to Find Free Financial Help to Go Back to School

Families must struggle to make ends meet in today’s economy without the additional burden of paying off educational loans. Wouldn’t it be nice to graduate from college without any encumbrances of this kind? It is actually possible if men and women only take the time to research free sources of college revenue, such as scholarships and grants, as soon as they make the decision to work toward further education. Although an extensive web search will reveal many more, the following are just some of the better-known ways to get extra cash for college:

Uncle Sam Offers Cash!

The government wants students in lower income brackets to have the same opportunity for education as their wealthier counterparts. Money is set aside for students who need assistance in furthering their education, and it is easy to get. All of the details are online at the FAFSA website, and students need only fill out a single form to see if they qualify for any of the government sponsored assistance programs.

Big Business Helps Workers!

Many corporations offer their own workers a tuition assistance plan of some type; check with the personnel e office to find out if your company is one of them and get the details. Besides helping their own employees, many big businesses also sponsor needs-based or competitive scholarships. The following have established themselves as being big spenders in this area:

• Best Buy

• Johnson & Johnson

• Coke

• Pepsi

• Ford

• Exxon-Mobile

• Toyota

• Wal-Mart

Scholarship information from these corporate giants can be found online or through a college financial aid office.

Local Donors Provide Help!

Private scholarships have been funded by many caring individuals desiring to help men and women find ways to better themselves. Lists will differ at each university, but the following are just a sample of the sources that establish local funding sources:

• Community organizations, such as the Lions Club, Optimists Club, Civic Club, book   clubs, or arts guilds

• Alumni groups in a specific geographic area

• Church denominational organizations

• Local merchant’s associations

• Professional organizations, such as the National Education Association, the Government Finance Officers’ Association, or the National Society of Accountants in your area

Scholarship Contests Reward Winners

Many scholarships are offered through contests of various types. Men and women with artistic talents, writing skills, musical aptitude or great creativity should seek these out because they sometimes offer huge monetary rewards. The following are just a sample of some that are currently available:

• Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

• Fender Guitar & Electric Bass Scholarship

• BMI Student Composer Awards

• Ayn Rand Institute Writing Scholarships


Some students can qualify for scholarships through obtaining excellent scores on their college entrance exams. Scholarships are also given to help minorities, including Latinos, African Americans, and women. New grant and scholarships opportunities are constantly being opened, and getting an education using these funds can prevent indebtedness from putting blight on your financial future.

Jennifer Lewis writes for a website that provides details on financial aid for female students, including scholarships for African American women. She believes people should not be put off going back to school because of lack of funds, as help is available to those who know where to apply.