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How To Pick The Right Garage Doors For Your House

Although most of us think that garage doors are meant for garages only and they do not have any connection with the décor of our homes, the practical picture is entirely different. You will be amused to know that a wisely chosen garage door can give the external appeal of a house a completely new and makeover! Similarly, an old and distressed garage door can make even the most decorated house appear gloomy and outdated. So, let’s have a look at the types of garage doors available now and houses they fit in.

Roller-type garage doors

It is quite assumable from the name that these garage doors move vertically and roll up like a drum. Actually, these garage doors are in the form of ribbed curtains that are counterbalanced by springs and guided by channels for the roll-up action.

These garage doors are the best choice for homes that have traditional look. If you don’t wish to compromise with the available ground area then roller garage doors are ideal for you. But you should be certain that there must be plenty of headroom above the opening so that the entire door can roll up conveniently.

Sectional garage door

You can get an assortment of styles, materials and colors if you choose sectional garage doors. However, they are mostly made from wood and steel. The basic structure is in the form of a frame. The doors are in the form of inserts that are fitted into the basic frame.

If your house is a new one and features distinct architectural design and color, these doors are best for you. You can choose inserts that harmonize with the color and style of your exteriors so that there is a visual symmetry all around.

Flex Doors

Apparently Flex Doors look similar to that of roller doors. But the function of these doors is entirely different. They open wide and fit behind the opening instead of protruding out or rolling up.

If the entrance of your home has an unusual shape, such as an arch or square entrance with smooth corners, Flex door is highly recommended for your garage. You can make the shape of the garage entrance just like that of your home, and these garage doors will fit in conveniently without giving any trouble. Moreover, if you have minimum headroom above your garage entrance then Flex doors can be your ideal pick to serve your purpose. You can also have the most customized garage door when opting for this particular variety as it also comes with an array of inserts to match with your exteriors.

Tilted garage doors

These doors are extremely traditional. They have a single solid panel fitted in front of the opening. They tilt out and move up in a horizontal fashion. Thus, after it gets opened two pivoting arms fitted on either side of the main frame supports the door.

These garage doors are preferable for garages that have very less headroom and side space. Tilted garage door is thus ideal for homes that have traditional look and suffer from space constraint.

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