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Features of the diet for arthritis

People suffering from arthritis, has excluded many foods from your diet. No matter how it is difficult for us to give up favorite foods, you must do this, because health is most important! Diet for arthritis is very important to restore the metabolism and lowering uric acid in the blood. This way you can avoid the complications and greatly speed up the recovery process. First of all have to give up foods such as roasts and other fried foods, beans and sausages, spinach and sorrel. It is strictly forbidden to use broths, meat animals and their parts which give a gooey soup, smoked meats, chocolate and cream cakes, edible offal (heart, kidney, liver) and alcohol. Also harmful products with arthritis are animal fats, fatty fish and spices. Less harmful ingredients of food scientists call salt, cooked sausages, plum butter, skim milk, boiled fish and meat, mushrooms, green onions and parsley, squid and shrimp, if using them in a limited manner. Milk can be consumed only in the form of porridge or milk in tea. Better to eat meat only diet, for example, the perfect Turkey, rabbit, chicken, or duck.

Meal with inflammation and disease of the joints must be based on the microelements and vitamins. Scientists have proven that arthritis is a very beneficial effect on the organism of the fruits and vegetables Orange and yellows as they contain antioxidants. Also it is recommended to use other plants that have vitamin c, namely, apples, citrus fruit, apples and raw potato juice, bell peppers. I have got all this diet features from Dr. Joseph Purita. He is the best doctor in the field of arthritis. I also follow his advice when I get pain after a long day work.

Uncooked vegetables and fruits contribute to losing weight that a lot of important arthritis because the costs to the maximum limit load on the inflamed joints. From the drinks, adhering to a diet for arthritis can be eaten green tea, juice from vegetables, fruits and berries, various fruit drinks, broths, lemon tea, Honey wheat bran, various compotes.

Arthritis, which arose against the backdrop of allergic reactions, should not eat foods that cause allergies. These products include eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. Gout give their preference for sour varieties of fruits and berries, citrus, cranberry, cranberry brandy, fresh tomatoes, and vegetables-onions, beet, potatoes and carrots. It is very useful for gout once a week to eat dairy and vegetarian food for the unloading of the organism but on condition that you are not allergic to dairy products.

To cure chronic arthritis it is advisable to follow the vegetative-dairy diet, but to achieve a positive result of this diet is to stick permanently or at least two years. But note that with such a diet in the first few months can worsen arthritis. Eat more fermented milk products, which contain beneficial bacteria. But again we remind you that eating dairy-vegetable diet is allowed only if you have no allergies to dairy products.

Very useful to use fish oil and cod liver oil, contain useful acids which dim the sensitivity of joints. You can also eat salmon, trout and mackerel, contain valuable unsaturated acids. But eat fish in limited numbers, because any animal food contains a lot of vitamins.

A treatment course: Eating fresh juice by mixing juice of celery, tomatoes, cabbage and carrots, when the diet is followed and the special treatment. In the first week only drink vegetable juice in one day, the second week drink juice for two days per week, but not every day, but a day later, and the third is already three days, alternating days.

Good prints from the body of the excess purines cucumber juice, which you can use up to 1 cup a day. For serious dieters need to consult a doctor to find out whether she will go to benefit the body. It is also under the supervision of a physician. Fruit and Berry and vegetable juices you can drink 2 liters per day with a minimum amount of sugar, especially for gout. Any diet for arthritis, gout and other diseases associated with inflammation of joints will be effective if all requirements for the mode and consume all foods in moderation. Carefully and gently treat your health, and it will never fail you!