4G LTE Enabled Smart Phones-Attracts More Smart Phone Users

Even though 4G has been sticking around for quite a while now, there are a lot of individuals that have stayed content in sticking with their old 3G devices or even the more obsolete phones, thinking that they can just start with a 4G enabled smart phone once their contract is done.

The tablet and smart phone customers will be missing out several of the best features that today’s mobile technology age has to offer when they decide on delaying to move to 4G. Below are some of the benefits that one can get in acquiring a 4G LTE smart phone or tablet nowadays:

Increased Download Speed

It can be very annoying to have to wait for quite some time for pages to refresh, pictures to upload and videos to start buffering when the movie starts to get good. When compared to 3G, the 4G enabled smart phones and tablets will download faster. 4G LTE technology will put the problems of slow Internet speeds to the past, as people will be able to download videos, songs and documents in just a short amount of time. The full-length movies that you plan to watch will become a delight since there will be no delays.

Video Chat Capability

With the arrival of the 4G LTE technology, the video chat options which was available only through ha wireless Internet network now has an alternative. Smart phone and tablet customers with 4G LTE capability will be able to make and receive video calls from wherever there is coverage of 4G. Most of the smart phones with 4G will make use of front-facing cameras which will accommodate to video chatting conveniently. Apps such as Google Hangouts and Skype will be optimized for a better mobile video chatting experience as well.

The Benefits for Businesses

Smart phones that are enabled with 4G capabilities will open up a wide range of opportunities for mobile and office work. Aside from providing businesses with video conferencing, there is also mobile cloud services that should be noted down, allowing employees to share, edit, download and upload files instantly. Valuable presentations and documents can be accessed as well wherever they are. Business owners can also look into a growing list of reality applications made for healthcare and architectural services.

Gaming with Other People

Just about any kind of phone is capable of providing satisfaction to users through games such as Crazy Taxi and Angry birds, yet it has been quite impossible for smart phones and tablets to optimize multiplayer experience and the response time needed for gaming through handheld devices. All of these have changed with the new 4G technology. Devices will now be able to play mobile games in a whole new experience through phones such as the Galaxy Nexus using apps like the Android Beam.

Sharing Through a Network

One of the best things that can be experience with 4G is its sharing. It has a Mobile Hotspot feature which will allow 4G smart phones to share the high speed Internet connection of a phone with a Wi-Fi enabled device or a personal computer. One can learn more about the right Internet providers today for their 4G devices.

Author’s bio: Tom R. is a certified tech enthusiast, he mainly writes  tech topics related to broadband, 4G, satellite, VoIP and have an interest in many other areas as well.