Top 8 Adventure Travel Destinations You Didn’t Know About

Delight yourself by indulging in some of the best and exhilarating adventure sports. There are plethora of adventure travel destinations in the United Kingdom offering complete satisfaction to the darers. From hiking and caving to quad biking and beach horse riding, explore the top 8 adventure travel destinations you didn’t know about. You can explore all these destinations by travelling via Thomas Cook Airlines. If you want any information about the ticket charges or flight timings, make sure you Thomas Cook Contact Number.


With stalagmites, fossils, hidden waterfalls, and stalactites, Yorkshire offers the perfect opportunity for caving. Here, first and foremost you are guided about the dressing and the right equipment that are needed to ensure safety. You will be moving with your headlights on, pretty much like a movie you can say. You will be guided by the qualified instructors throughout the way. On your way, you will be challenged by the pool crossing, squeezes, climbs, completely putting your endurance to the test.

You will be provided with –

  • Belt or Harness
  • Wellington Boots
  • Under Suit and Over Suit
  • Helmet and Lamp

Northern Ireland 

You can enjoy cycling in Northern Island where you get to witness beautiful patchwork fields, forest, lakes, and rivers. If you don’t want to cycle long distance, you will find various short routes where you can make the most of the cycling. Along the way, you will come across disused railways, country parks, and forest parks where you will find nature at its best. Most of these areas are traffic-free so you get to enjoy cycling with your loved ones.

Then there are medium routes offering an ideal day ride. These routes range from 11-50 miles offering you a great way of exploring the picturesque areas of Northern Ireland. You can enjoy sea air along Strangford Lough or North Coast or cycle towards the hills in Sperrins or Mournes. The long routes are as long as 60 miles. Such routes are perfect for the touring cyclists who are looking to enjoy a leisure and gentle undulating journey.


scotland travelIf you want to enjoy canoeing, then you need to head to River Spey towards the north-east of Scotland. You will be having the best time of your life canoeing from River Spey to the Cairngorms Mountains and to the sea towards the north-east coast. You will have a thrilling experience as it is a great introduction to the moving water and it offers canoeing experience for both the novice and intermediate paddlers.

You get to learn about all those skills you need to enjoy canoeing expedition such as padding skills in moving water, packing the canoe, different types of rescues, lining, and tracking etc.


If you are looking for a great family surfing adventure then you need to visit the surfing lagoon – Surf Snowdonia in North Wales. You can be a student at the surf school and learn helpful tips about surfing and bodyboarding. You will be taught by some of the experienced lifeguards having 20 years of surfing and ocean experience.

It is a great and ultimate way to practice wave riding and other related maneuvers. The mechanical nature of waves helps you to concentrate on different maneuvers and practice over and over again. The best thing about this place is that it is not too crowdy and you get to enjoy bodyboarding on three wave types – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.


One of the famous walks in the Peak District is Kinder Scout which draws hikers from around the world. It is known as the highest peak and it was the chosen hike of the Mass Trespass of 1932. It was because of this peaceful protest that led to the change in the legislation which allowed the people to walk across the mapped access land.

Markeaton Circular Walk is mainly enjoyed by the families. No matter when you are visiting the place, the walk is enjoyable throughout the year. Spring and summer are lovely times to visit this place. Make sure you have the right gear boots or wellington, and warm waterproof clothing in case it rains. Markeaton Circular Walk is a self-guided walk and it is an easy terrain. Along the way, you get to see different highlights including – Melbourne Hall, St Michael Church, Thomas Cook Memorial Cottages, and St Mary Church.

South West England

west england travelThe limestone cliffs of South West England offer the best opportunity to enjoy rock climbing. The white stone gives you a dramatic look and surrounding areas are just breathtaking. Offering the best sports climbing routes in the UK, it has various climbing grades and bolted routes making it a fun place to climb.

The best spots are Blacknor North towards the west coast of the island where you will find different flowstone routes and towards the east coast – the Cuttings which offers both simple and challenging routes making it an ideal choice for both the beginners and the experts.


Kent is quite popular for its woodland wilderness and this is where you get to enjoy quad biking experience as well. You will feel like you have left the busy city life way behind and you are enjoying a real jungle safari riding 200cc Polaris Phoenix squads kicking up dirt and mud everywhere. When you had enough of wheel spinning madness, you can take time out and enjoy cold drinks, coffee, and tea.

Once you had your refreshments you can again hop on your quad bikes to get all dirty. Your quad biking experience will start from the gentle tracks so that you can get accustomed to the bike and different tracks. After that, you will be taken to the more challenging bumps which you will surely love to ride. The overall experience of the quad biking is quite adventurous as you are driving at high speed and at the same time you have to manage different bumps, it is surely an experience of a lifetime.


Perranporth Beach, Cornwall is a great spot which attracts both the families and surfers throughout the year. Situated around 8 miles from Newquay, you get to enjoy horse riding at this beach. You have the option of choosing from one or two hour treks. It is a perfect way for the beginners to enjoy horse riding while you soak up the breathtaking scenery along the way.

You can also go for Half-day pub ride which is ideal for both the individuals and the groups. The ride enjoys the scenic places of Perranporth and the breathtaking countryside. For the kids, there is a provision for 30 minutes children trek and you can also opt for two-hour trek that allows you to explore the adventurous and beautiful countryside.

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