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Remedies to Solve Back Pain

Almost every human has complained about an ailment called back ache that has been the cause of agony and discomfort in daily life. Lower back ache can be very painful and the pain can range from mild to unbearable and the level of intensity depends on one’s ability to bear pain. Every age group seems to complain about this form of pain. From acute to chronic if the right medication and exercise is not followed then you can incur a long term injury. If you are working in an office like the majority people do, odds are that you have a problem. Pregnant ladies also complain as the increasing weight in the womb causes undue stress to lower pack. Third most common age group that complain is between 40-60, as age increases your body structure droops hence the cause of back ache.

Causes for Back Pain

Understanding the reasons of the back ache makes it a lot easier to handle the pain effectively.

  • Undue stress on the back
  • Uncomfortable seating posture
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Slip discs
  • Obesity
  • Weak muscles
  • Arthritis

Tips to deal with Back Ache Effectively

  • Exercise is the core essential part of a daily regime to keep you fit and stronger muscles in the back. Make walking and regular exercise mandatory to strengthen spine muscle and hence reducing back ache effectively.
  • Use ergonomic furniture to increase productivity, the use of ergonomic chairs provides great cushion and support to the back and lumbar area. using different modes like the ergonomic office chair reduces discomfort makes sense, which provides good back support; supports correct sitting posture and provides comfort to the user.
  • We spend eight hours sleeping and a comfortable and sturdy mattress is quintessential for the right posture. This may minimize the back ache to quite an extent.
  • Spine support is very important and putting unnecessary pressure is not only increasing the risk of an injury but also limits your mobility. It is advised to pick anything from the floor by bending appropriately.
  • Working for long hours in the office causes muscle spasms and you should avoid sitting on the chairs at a stretch, take breaks stretch your back muscle and go for short walks to relieve stress.
  • Hot fermentation and application of castor oil provides immediate relief from the pain.
  • Distract yourself, you read it right you have to focus your energy in something worthwhile and that interests you. When the attention is diverted the pain subsides by itself.
  • Have a healthy BMI, your body weight should be your ideal weight according to your height. If you are obese then you are straining your back, hence maintain a healthy weight.