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8 ways to breed plants when you are on vacation

If you are going on a vacation, you may be worried about your house plants. Will they die? Or will they survive until you come back? But with some simple and wise ways, you can actually relieve yourself of all the stress, create amenities to water the plants, and also provide them enough space to get the natural sunlight. Keep the pests away with pesticides and fertilizers

Are you planning a long vacation or an outing of a few days? Is there something stopping you from making a schedule for a trip? Well, it might be your home plants that may be the juncture of hesitation. You may be thinking that who will take care of them in your absence. But then, if you really take an effort, your plants will grow with the same vigor as they do while you are at home.

Many a times, plants die when the owners are not present to take care of them. This ruins all your prior efforts. When you are back, the garden, the pot plants have already rotted, or withering away. Pests and other hosts can also take control over them. So you have to be careful and plan ahead, so that your plants are fresh and frolicking always.

Below are some amazing gardening tips that will help your house plants while you leave for a vacation.

1. Tray plantation: You can opt for tray plantation wherein there is a room to store water under the soil. This will keep the plants healthy, as there will be enough moisture for them to grow in. This is easy and cost effective method also. So while you are out, you need not worry about watering the plant.

2. Drip plantation: Most famously used in gardening and especially beneficial, if you are not present in the house. Drip plantation has the feature of providing water and liquid fertilizer and pesticide with the aid of a narrow and thin pipe. The drops fall on the soil and the plant slowly and keep it nourished.

3. Sprinkler and hose: There are some innovative ways of gardening. Sprinklers and hose machines help in keeping the house plants green always and clean. There is a timer set on the sprinkler. After the alarm goes off, the sprinklers squirt water on the plants and the garden and stops after a specific duration. The hose has similar functionality and waters down the floor to clean the mud and the debris of deal leaves and flowers.

4. Innovative plant stands: Some plant stands are designed in a way, wherein, you do not have to take any tension regarding watering or caring for the plants. Stands like the ladder design or the climber step are fit for this. Others have spaces between the pots where you can store water. There are some which house temperature controllers. This will help in creating a remarkable environment for the plants to thrive in.

5. Greenhouse: It is better, if you keep the plants in an outdoor greenhouse before going for a vacation. This will provide them enough sunlight to survive and also there will be ample moisture in the soil from where they plants can gain the nutrients. A plant nursery is easy to install in the garden or the backyard.

6. Tent plantation: You can build a small tent in the outdoors with a fabric that can absorb heat. Hang packets of plastic with a thin nozzle that have water and the fertilizers in them. Overhang them on the pot plants that were in your home prior to this. Now you have a readymade source of all the nourishment that the plants require.

7. Tweaking the terrace plantation concept: Terrace plantation is basically growing the plants on the roof. This saves on money and also makes the sunlight reach the plants excellently. It also saves more space. But when you are planning to go for a few days, you can use this concept differently. Climb on the terrace roof or the terrace and place the pot plants there. Build a small shade on top with old clothing and use the drip plantation technique here. This is one of the sustainable options of taking care of the plants.

8. Call for help: This is one of the simplest ways to deal with the issue of watering and nurturing the plants while you are not home. You can ask the neighbors or your friends to water and clean the garden in your absence. If they agree, then you are in luck. Explain them all the procedures before you go, so that there is no misunderstanding of the job later on.

So now, you have the best of the methods in keeping your plants and garden evergreen, even if you are not there. When you come back home, you can rejoice again by admiring the greenery.

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