Jewelry appraisal – key facts

Jewelry appraisal has become a common process today. If you are also planning to get your jewelry appraised, consider the points mentioned below.

Independent jewelry appraisal is a statement which the jewelry appraiser issues. This statement mentions the value of the jewelry. The value which is mentioned in the appraisal is supported by current market data. Approximately these certificates are 3-5 pages long which also contains the name and signature of the jewelry appraiser.

Several characteristics of the jewelry are analyzed  in the appraisal certificate. For instance, if it is a diamond jewelry, then diamond grading plot will be present in the appraisal.  In most cases you also find the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Certification Agreement in the certificate. Due to the detailed analysis of the jewelry in the appraisal certificate, it also contains the photographs of the jewelry piece shot from different angles.

Remember photographs brings more clarity to the certificate.

Jewelry appraisers assess the jewelry piece through special equipments. These equipments are specifically used for the jewelry appraisal process. In fact, the use of the different equipments in the appraisal process is also mentioned in the appraisal certificate. This is to make the appraisal certificate clear and transparent.

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There are several jewelry appraisers present. However, it is important to choose a genuine and reliable jewelry appraiser. If you are a novice planning to appraise your jewelry first time – then you need to be careful about the jewelry appraiser you choose. You need to consider certain factors while you choose a jewelry appraiser. Here is a lowdown on that:

It is advisable that you choose a jewelry appraiser who has completed training in jewelry appraisal process. He should be a graduate gemologist.

The jewelry appraiser should have graduated from a reputed institute like –  National Association of Gem and Jewelry Appraisers, American Society of Appraisers and International Society of Appraisers.

Remember that good and reliable jewelry appraisers always abide by the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice. Thus, choose an appraiser who adheres to these guidelines.

There are two types of jewelry appraisers – those who work full time and the others who work half-time. It is preferable that you choose a jewelry appraiser who works full-time. Most of the full-time jewelry appraisers have a greater knowledge of the jewelry business.

Before you hire any jewelry appraiser, do not forget to ask for past customer references. If the jewelry appraiser hesitates to mention about the past references, then do not hire him/her.

Once you get the details of the past customer references, contact them. Ask about – quality of services and behavior of the jewelry appraiser.

You can always look into avenues like – banks, trust companies and attorneys to recheck the authenticity of the jewelry appraiser.

In most cases, professional jewelry appraisers will charge by hour or by the jewelry piece.

Note: Most of the good jewelry appraisers never demand a share of the monetary value of the jewelry piece.

Remember that in some cases, jewelry appraisers can charge by the complexity of the work.

Author’s Bio: Kevin Matthews is a writer who writes on various topics that helps consumers like Jewelry, Apparels, shopping, stationery etc. He is settled in Middlesex, England – and owns a shop. In this piece, he presents a few vital factors about Jewelry appraisal.