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Boost The Beauty Of Your Home With Spring Decor

This article looks at ways to create a beautiful new interior in your home, to celebrate spring!

Decorating With Colour
Colors in spring become lighter and fresher again, as we shake off winter and think about the summer to come! Try bright pinks and lilacs, cool blues and fresh whites for an enlivening and bright combination. Think about the natural light in your home to pick good combinations, for example, cool rooms work very well with chalky pastels which feel remarkably chic and grown-up. Bright and south facing rooms naturally lend themselves to warmer shades for a rich and tonal finish that feels homely and welcoming. Experiment with colour pops on top of a neutral background and you will find excellent flexibility to change your look as often as you want. Even changing your accessories around and adding some new pictures and vases will totally change your look and the ambience of the room.

Touching Up The Space
Think about how you use your space and design it accordingly. If you like to relax with the family of an evening, then invest in enough seating for you all to relax together, maybe a large corner sofa to squeeze everyone on. If you like to read, then make sure you invest in good reading lighting and a comfortable high backed chair to facilitate this. Look at areas which can be revived with a lick of paint, such as a ceiling or unloved wall. Even a good scrub of surfaces and removal of heavy curtains in favor of lighter and brighter blinds can make a huge difference to your living space. Another great tip to create a feeling of calm and spacious order is to invest in good storage and make sure surfaces are kept clean and tidy. This can make a huge difference in busy areas such as the kitchen and living room and make your home feel more loved and calm. Invest in scented candles and soft cushions where the clutter used to build up and focus on creating your own personal sanctuary, where you can escape the world of an evening and relax!

Investing In A Rug
Decorating the home is one of life’s many pleasures and even a neutral scheme can be greatly lifted with the addition of a well chosen rug. Rugs are making a real comeback too, especially in homes where hardwood flooring has been installed, such as beautiful wood, laminates, tiles and stone which have greatly returned into vogue in recent years. However, in the chilly UK most of us also crave the comfort and warmth of something cozy underfoot, which is where a well chosen rug comes in!

Whether you invest in real woolen rugs, or skins and fur on the floor, combined with a neutral matte wall scheme and chic blinds, or opt for bright springlike neon color pops and quirky accessories, show your personality by decorating your home to taste and inviting in some brighter colors and warmer days to come! You can find more information on rugs on various home decoration site.