How can you get a Good Mortgage Broker

Are you looking to hire an independent mortgage broker? If yes, then here are few factors you need to consider:

You can search online for mortgage brokers. You can check their quality of services from the Better Business Bureau.

Look for a mortgage broker who is certified. Remember that working with a certified mortgage broker will give you the assurance of their genuine knowledge. Accredited mortgage brokers are well trained. Thus, with them you do not have to worry about incorrect information. Moreover, accredited mortgage brokers always abide by the professional ethics.


Before you finalise any mortgage broker, enquire about the mortgage sources they have. Remember that loan sources of mortgage brokers varies. While good mortgage brokers always have at least 20 different lenders, average brokers have limited lenders. It is preferable that you always choose a mortgage broker who has different lenders. In this way, you will have higher chance of getting your desired type of loan.

Professional indemnity insurance is an important part of any mortgage broker. Try to choose a mortgage broker who has this insurance. Remember that if in case they are sued, this insurance will easily cover them.

Mortgage brokers can get sued under the following reason:

  • negligence in abiding to the professional guidelines

  • negligence in getting loan

Mortgage brokers generally have two forms of payment. Some mortgage brokers do not charge anything from the client. When the loan is approved, they get a commission from the lender itself. However, here you need to ensure that the temptation of a higher commission does not affect the advice of the mortgage broker.

On the other hand, few mortgage brokers do charge a certain fee from the client. They take money from the client in addition to the commission that they will get from the lender.

It is important for the mortgage broker to be knowledgeable about the different loans. The broker should understand your financial situation and arrange the best loan for you. He should have the expertise to compare the different mortgages and get the best one.

One of the ways to judge a mortgage broker is through his past customer references. Do not hesitate to ask for past client information. Once you get the contact details, ask these customers about the service of the mortgage broker. Find out if the past customers were satisfied or not. Also enquire about the outcome of the loan that was given to them.

Remember it is important for you to understand the working procedure of the mortgage broker. Generally, most of the good mortgage brokers are enthusiastic about their work. They take all the initiatives to clarify any doubt in your mind. Thus, you can easily ask questions regarding their work procedure.

Note: avoid working with a mortgage broker who does not gel well with you. It is important for you to share a comfortable relationship with the mortgage broker.

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