Best TV shows to entertain your Kids

Children’s cartoons are so successful because they have no limitations when it comes to the imagination. Possibilities are quite simply endless. This is displayed through the wild and the crazy on goings witnessed in the programmes. From magical powers, to crazy automobiles, and eccentric cartoon characters; cartoons are filled to the brim with creativity and vibrancy. Nevertheless, some manufacturers have actually taken some of the wild and wacky cartoon concepts and turned them into products that can be bought in stores and off of the internet today. No, this is not referring to the exciting cool games available, you need to think way outside the box in order to come up with the exciting products you are about to discover.

Strap on helicopter as seen on Mr Gadget

Mr Gadget has to be one of the most popular cartoon shows to have ever hit our TV screens. Everyone knows the character for his grey trench coat and array of innovative and exciting gadgets. Therefore, it is probably little surprise that devices have been produced based on the different gadgets Mr Gadget utilised throughout the programmes. Nevertheless, what is surprising is one of the gadgets produced; the strap on helicopter. Everyone who watched Mr Gadget will be aware that one of his stand out gadgets was the strap on helicopter he placed on his head in order to be able to fly. In fact, so impressive was this gadget that the Tecnologia Aerospatiale Mexicana produced a similar device. There version contained two hydrogen fuel tanks in order to rotate the blades. Although, it is doubtful that this is a product many individuals will want to test themselves.

Mouse killing trap as seen used by Tom

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon loved by most. It follows Tom the cat as he tries to capture the mouse Jerry. One of the most innovative methods he utilises is his mouse killing chamber. This is utilised in several of the programmes as well as being a method used in the array of cool games based on Tom and Jerry as well. And now you can buy your very own Tom-style mouse traps. There is the ‘Rodent Activated Detention and Riddance Unit’ also known as RADAR and this helps to catch those pesky mice.  Virgin Media TV packages offers niche mobile phone, fixed phone, television and broadband services for better viewing your favorite TV shows. Next time you are watching a cartoon show and see an innovative and exciting gadget why not take a look online and see if the device is available for purchase? You never know; you may be in for a very big surprise.

Gas powered rollerblades as seen on Wile E Coyote

Wile E Coyote and The Road Runner follows the pair as the coyote tries to hunt down the Road Runner. The programme follows the format whereby the pair uses an innovative array of tricks and techniques in order to try and prevail. One device featured in the cartoon on several occasions is a pair of gas powered rollerblades. These have been seen on Wile E Coyote as he tries to keep up with the speed of the Road Runner. And, gas powered rollerblades can now actually be bought in shops too. This is a product that is likely to be able to purchase on the internet. Nevertheless, as is the case for the helicopter strap on, this is not a product recommended for testing either.