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Gadgets That Will Make Gardening A Way Of The Past

When you think of gardening, you probably think of trowels, pruning shears, rakes, hand held shovels and all of the other tools that have been around for a century or more. While you will need all of the basic tools if you have a green thumb, there are plenty of modern gadgets designed for the tech-savvy gardener who wants to make their job a bit easier. Gone are the days where you were forced to get down on your hands and knees to pull weeds. Here are some gadgets that are completely changing the way individuals garden today in the 21st century:

#1: The Firm Grip Weed Puller

Pulling weeds with your hands can be back-breaking labor. With modern gadgets like the firm grip weed puller, all you need is one hand and you can grip stubborn weeds from a standing position. This long-handled gadget will make weeding your garden a breeze.

#2: Lawn Aerator Shoes

Do you want to keep your lawn healthy? If you contract sprinkler systems Houston experts to install a system to water your lawn regularly, you’re one step closer to having a healthy and flourishing lawn. The next step is to use a pair of lawn aerator shoes. These shoes help aerate the lawn without expensive machinery. When you walk up and down your lawn, the hole made will help allow air to pass through so water can reach the roots and deliver more nutrients.

#3: The Electronic Soil Tester

Do you want to make sure the soil that’s providing nutrients to your beautiful garden plants is healthy? The electronic soil tester is a nifty gardening gadget that will test to see the pH balance of the soil, the moisture levels, and other factors that will affect plant growth. By testing soil, you can determine where to plant new plants and whether or not some of your plants need to be moved.

#4: The Cat Deterrent System

Cat urine can do a number on your lawn and your garden plants. If you have cat problems in your neighborhood, there’s a garden gadget that will help you deter cats from relieving themselves on your property. The Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent system looks a lot like a solar light. It gets stuck into the ground and will emit a burst of ultrasonic sound that humans won’t be able to hear. This sound will scare the cats away whenever they feel like spoiling your garden.

#5: The Automatic Solar Powered Lawnmower

It might sound too good to be true, but the world’s first automatic lawnmower that’s powered by the sun has been developed. Not only does this mower work autonomously, it also doesn’t require cords. You can program the machine to turn on at certain times of the day, and define cutting areas by simply laying out wire. This is truly the future of maintaining your lawn.

In today’s day and age, you don’t have to hire a professional landscaper to maintain your garden. If you buy the right gadgets, you can have fun keeping your lawn neat and your plants lively. These are just some of the modern gadgets you can put to use.