6 Easy And Effective Ways To Do Professional Manicure At Home

Our hands are most at the risk of every day wear and tear as they are subjected to different kinds of work throughout the day. This may leave them appear dull, un-kept and un-groomed if not taken proper care of. It is thus important to take special care of your hands on a regular basis.

Frequent salon visits are not always possible, especially for those who have busy schedules throughout the day. Moreover, professional manicure pools a good amount of money from your wallet each time you opt for it. You may easily skip salon visits by doing professional manicure at home in a much simple, easy and enjoyable way. For those who think this could be stressful, here is how to start off with.

ManicureWhat you will need:

To get a manicure done by yourself at home you require certain things that are easily available in every home. If not, you may invest in a manicure kit. You will need

* A bowl of warm water (large enough to dip your hands and nails)

* Nail polish remover

* Cotton ball or cotton pad

* Nail clippers

* Emery boards

* Cuticle softener/Olive oil

* Moisturizing cream

* Nail Paint

Here is how to do it

1. Wipe off old nail paint

The first step to a home manicure involves removing previous nail paint. Take a cotton ball and dip it in an acetone free nail paint remover. Gently wipe off each corner of your nails to get rid of nail paint. It is important to use a good quality remover as they tend to dry out nails. Acetone free remover is best for brittle nails and causes less damage. Use cotton swab or buds dipped in nail paint remover to remove any nail paint left around edges.

2. File your nails

Once you nails are free from nail paint, file them to their perfect shape. If they are too long, trim them with the help of nail clippers or nail scissors. You may keep them as long or as short as you desire but make sure you are comfortable with its length and shape. After trimming, file them with the help of emery boards. Make sure they are of highest quality and always file your nails in one direction starting from edges and moving towards the tip of your nails. This will save your nails from any damage.

3. Soak your hands

Prepare a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of moisturizing liquid soap. Soak your hands and nails in this for atleast 5-10 minutes. Soaking your hands help in loosening the dirt and softening the cuticle. You may also make your own hand soak instead of using soap. For this add 3 tablespoon of honey to a cup of milk and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. Mix well and microwave the mixture for 25-30 seconds. Check the temperature and soak your hands for 5-10 minutes. This will moisturize your hands and nails in a natural way leaving them super soft.

4. Push back the cuticles

After soaking your hand, put some cuticle softener on the edges of your nails. This will soften the cuticles and they can easily be pushed back. Never trim the cuticles as it may result in infection. You may also use warm olive oil if you don’t have a cuticle softener. Once they are soft, wipe your nails with a cotton ball and push the cuticles back.

5. Scrub

Scrubbing helps in removing dead skin layer from your hands and reveals the fresh skin that lies underneath it. It also improves blood circulation which helps in obtaining fresh beautiful skin. You may use your regular body scrub or make your own scrub at home. Just add olive oil in half cup of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. This acts as an excellent homemade natural scrub. Avoid too much scrubbing and rinse your hands thoroughly with cold water.

6. Moisturize and apply nail paint

The final step includes moisturizing and applying nail paint. Use any moisturizing lotion and apply evenly on your hands. You may also use olive oil to massage your hands. Massage in gentle circular motion and wipe off any excessive cream. While applying nail paint, always remember to apply a base coat. Once dried apply a coat of your favorite nail color and let it dry. If required apply another coat of nail paint for that extra sheen.

Manicure can easily be done at home without any hassle and once you get into this routine, you will hardly depend on pricey salon for grooming your hand. You can enjoy doing it yourself at home.